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"Next on the agenda is the Angel faction. Please be wary of any moves from them. Watch their movements at all times and if you find anything suspicious report it right away. From what I understand Sariel has been moving oddly as of late. Whether he is working with the other realms or not is something we do not know, so we need to be very careful about this. Does anyone else have anything else to add?" Misaki put the document in her hand down and looked at everyone.

"Yeah Mitsu, are we planning to go to war with anyone soon?" Sato asked.

"I have to speak with the Machine Empire soon to ask for something from them if they do not give it, I might destroy them. Why do you ask?" Misaki said nonchalantly. She would not forget the promise she had with Rika.

"From what I understand they are highly advanced. Will we be okay if we go to war with them?" Sato was not afraid of war but he wanted to know if he needed to prepare for anything.

"Just a bunch of tech junkies, nothing to worry about. If anything we can subjugate them quickly. To be honest I do not plan to go to war if they are willing to adhere to a request I have that is very important to me." Misaki answered. Sato seemed satisfied with this answer and left the discussion at that.

"If that is all then this meeting is over. Make sure you fulfill your tasks. If you need any assistance feel free to ask me or any of my wives, Gen, or Sato." Misaki said getting up. The meeting went well into the night and she was now fairly tired.

With Earth now in the gods realm it would need to be moved to a more secure location among the stars of the other demon faction planets. She had to be sure that it could be protected even if she was not around.

After returning to her room, Misaki stripped down and jumped into the shower. The hot water dripped down her white soft skin. She was making sure to freshen up since she was to be with Ano'la tonight. She could tell Ano'la had been feeling a little down since the pregnancy test came back. So Misaki wanted to do what she could to knock the poor girl up. Tonight she planned to use her magic to push her juices into Ano'la's womb in hopes that maybe that would help.

Turning off the shower and walking out of the bathroom with nothing but a bath towel around here. She walked in to see Ano'la standing there in a bathrobe. Ano'la's hair was still wet which proved she rushed over right after cleaning up. This made Misaki smile and she walked over to Ano'la and pulled Ano'la into her embrace. Her hands reached down cupping each butt cheek and lifting Ano'la into the air. Ano'la let out a surprised squeal as she quickly wrapped her arms around Misaki's neck and her legs wrapped around Misaki's waist.

"You know Ano'la if you come in nothing but a bathrobe, I will want to eat you right away." Misaki said as she licked the droplets of water off Ano'la's neck. Ano'la closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. Misaki did not stop there as she traced her tongue all around Ano'la's neck, down to her collar bone. Stopping every so often to nibble and suck on her white skin leaving a deep red kiss mark every time.

Misaki brought Ano'la over to the bed and gently laid her down before untying the bathrobe to expose Ano'la perky mounds and bare pussy. Not even saying a word, Misaki buried her face into Ano'la's pussy causing Ano'la to moan and wiggle around. Misaki pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside Ano'la's pussy sucking up the juices from within. Ano'la gripped the sheets under her and moaned loudly as stream after stream of her juices squirted into Misaki's mouth. Misaki sucked it all up not wasting a drop.

Breathing heavily after just cumming Ano'la closed her eyes to rest for a second only to let out another loud moan as Misaki pushed her pussy hard against Ano'la's. Misaki had made a dildo using her magic and had shoved it deep inside herself before plunging it deep into Ano'la's already sensitive hole. "Mmmm… M

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