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marybethgriggs > Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy > 204 The Unsealing Part One
The system was quiet for a minute before a clicking sound was heard and a door in the floor slid open. "Follow these stairs all the way down. It will bring you to the game masters room. I already unlocked your original inventory so you can download Rika's data and store her into your inventory."

"Mmm… I thank you. Soon we will become one. So let's get along from now on, system." Misaki turned to Rika and asked: "Are you ready? I promise as soon as I have a body for you to upload into, I will bring you into the real world."

Rika smiled and nodded her head. It was clear she was nervous about the whole thing but she trusted Misaki. She saved her and her life now belonged to Misaki. "I'm ready, let's go."

Misaki grabbed Rika's hand and pulled her along behind her. She did not hesitate to enter the stairwell and make her way down to the end. There was only a small door that slid up into the ceiling revealing a room with a few monitors, a desk, and a computer chair. "What do I do now?"

"First we will download Rika's data. I will bring it up now." The system quicklywent to work. The screens in front of Misaki filled with lines of code. After ten minutes a small glowing cube popped up from the desk. "This is Rika's data. Onceyou take it out, the Rika of this world will disappear."

Misaki turned and looked at Rikka who was nervously fiddling with her fingers. "Are you ready?"

"I guess. It will be weird? What will it feel like to turn into a bunch of data? Will it be like sleeping?" Rika asked. She had some worries and some fears.

"System can you answer her?" Misaki asked.

The screen lit up in front of them and a small girl with long black hairin a white dress appeared on the screen. "Once the cube is removed, you will be pulled from the system and it will make you disappear from this world. You will then be put in a sleep like state. When Misaki gets in touch with the Machine race that I detected and acquires one of the robotic bodies from them you will then be able to be uploaded into its brain and come back to life. "

"What if they refuse to give you a body?" Rika asked.

"They won't." Misaki instantly replied.


"Trust me Rika, they won't because if they do I will destroy their entire race and then take what I want." Misaki said coldly. Rika was her sworn sister, she was not going to let anyone stop her from bringing her into the real world.

"As dominant as ever, huh master?" the little girl on the screen said proudly.

"Can I ask why you are taking such a weird form?" Misaki asked.

"I thought you liked cute little girls? I figured I would take this form so you will treat me better." The system replied.

"The only cute little girls I like are my mother, father, and Little Wei. If you want me to treat you better, make yourself look like a cute young woman with white skin with no clothes." Misaki said with a teasing grin.

"Humph! I will stay in this form." The system gave Misaki a

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