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"You are absolutely right. Then I will thank you ahead of time. Although I wish I could rush to her now and steal her away, we have to finish this task first." Cui Shun finally showed a smile. It seemed Misaki's words gave him hope.

"Good!" Misaki said patting Cui Shun on the back.

Their team was the last to arrive at the platform where the flying demonic beasts were kept. They would take these flying demonic beasts to Dragon Mountain a day's flight from the sect. The area around the forest was an open field with a few roads, created by foot travel, placed here and there. The reason they were going to these woods was for the final test of the entrance exam.

"We will be making camp when night falls and continue the trip at first light. Let's go! We got lots of ground to cover." One of the elders yelled out.

The flying demonic beasts that Misaki and the rest were riding were large cranes that could seat one hundred people each. So eleven of such flying demonic beasts would be making this trip, with the elders added in. The crane was called the Swift Wind Crane and was the second fastest demonic beasts one could tame. To compare to that of a plane on Earth that could take six hours to reach its destination, could be done in under five minutes with a Swift Wind Crane. This just goes to show how far from the sect they were actually traveling. The reason for this was because the area the misty cloud sect controlled was huge in size but small compared to what other sects controlled.

Larger sects had vast lands of forest and mountains which was essential to cultivation. But for a small sect that did not even have a spatial gate to their cultivation areas outside the sect, they could only control vast meadows with a few patchy forests here and there. The mountain range they were going to was heavily guarded by their sect after being won a few thousand years ago during a tournament. The tournament pitted all sects of the mainland against each other, this was a huge event since the top ten would receive control over areas with resources.

This was not to say that there were not many uncontrolled areas as well. The landmass of the mainlands was vast, only ten to twenty percent was actually under the control of humans. A lot of areas were just too dangerous to cultivators and only those who truly wished to grow strong would venture into these areas.

Misaki looked at the crane that stood majestically in front of her with great interest. The Crane turned its gaze at Misaki and Misaki turned to look at it right in the eye. This eye to eye contact lasted for only a split second before the Crane lowered its head towards Misaki as if bowing to her. Misaki walked over to it and patted the top of its head gently, her eyes filled with warmth. She whispered softly. "Since you wish to be my kin, I will free you when the time is right."

The crane let out a hushed coo in acknowledgment. Misaki smiled and went back to where Qian Lan and the

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