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Testing for spiritual roots used to be done differently a long time ago until this new method took hold over a thousand years ago, allowing for a more precise grasp on the strength of a spiritual root. They used to go by the actual name, the best being heavenly divine spiritual roots. Which rumors had said there was one young girl who had such spiritual roots who soon disappeared not long after. But that old naming convention was now taken over by this new way of doing things.

The girl behind Misaki finally went up after the elder came back with a new testing stone. The girl placed her hand on the stone and almost instantly the stone began to glow with a blackish light. The Elder eyes went wide and his smile reached both his ears. "Good Good! We have two amazing talents today! The heavens are really looking out for our Misty Cloud Sect!"

The girl paid no mind to the elder and with an indifferent expression walked over and stood next to Misaki. She gave a side glance at Misaki who seemed to be in her own world feeling a bit curious as to who this girl was since she seemed to be not much older than herself. Only if she knew Misaki was much older than her with many kids and wives. She would probably try to distance herself from such a person.

Misaki also gave the girl a side glance but nothing more than that. She was wondering what the next test will be. But a voice in her head broke her thoughts when the system suddenly said: "You should recruit that girl."

"Recruit her? She is too young." Misaki wondered what was going through this system's mind if it had one.

"I do not mean as a wife but as a demon. Her talents are through the roof." The system quickly explained.

"Oh… We will see. Having talent and being able to make that talent shine is another story. I will wait until I see more of what she can do while in the sect. According to you, I will be here for a good while no?" Misaki had a feeling she might be here a long long time before she can be strong enough to break away from this world.

"As far as I know at least a good thousand years or so." Hearing the system's reply, Misaki's face went black. She really wanted to just destroy this whole planet! Then she wouldn't need to deal with all this extra crap.

After thinking about it for a few minutes Misaki made a firm decision. "I will destroy this world after I learn how to cultivate!"

"That won't work. This world is protected by heavenly laws so if you tried to use a power greater than what is allowed on this world, the heavens will intervene and strike you with heavenly lightning." The system warned.

Misaki let out a sigh, she really hated being trapped by laws that should have nothing to do with her. "So annoying..." Misaki muttered to herself.

"What is?" The girl next to Misaki suddenly asked. She looked at Misaki curiously.

Misaki turned towards the voice and gave a bitter smile. "Just some personal issues don't mind it."

The girl opened her mouth to go to say something but was interrupted when the Elder in charge of their group spoke. "I will now take you over to the test of strength."

Misakfollowed her group to the next area. But when she arrived she was surprised to see a large wall made of some kind of black shiny material.She was not sure if it was a rock or if it was metal since the entire surface was as smooth as can be. What she did notice was the notches at the very bottom which Misaki could not make heads or tails of what exactly they were for. She could only wait for the Elder to explain. Luckily her wait was not long.

"This is the test of strength. From here we will be testing to see who is strongest amongst the group. The top of each group will automatically get a seeded spot in the last test. This test is very simple. All you have to do is try to lift the wall using these notches. Let's get started." The elder shouted as he stood to the side to wait for the first person to go up.

After hearing t

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