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"Mitsu! What the hell did you turn me into!?" Seeing his daughter Misaki Kenji's anger began to rise. He used to be a man until she made him a demon!

"Dad, why are you taking your anger out on me? I was not the one who turned himself into a girl. I did not tell you to follow Mom's whims." Misaki said while chuckling.

"Humph! Is there a way to not get pregnant?" Misaki Kenji frowned as he rubbed his stomach.

"Just don't have sex?" Misaki said with a big grin on her face.

"Humph! You think it is that simple!? Those girls capture me and handcuff me to the bed for days!" Misaki couldn't help but let out a laugh listening to her father complain. She knew he was just letting off some steam because he was moody.

"Anyway, dad where are my baby sisters?" Misaki asked.

"In the back room with your mother. Luckily your mother keeps all adult activities away from the kids." Misaki Kenji replied.

"Mmm... I would hope so or I would have a serious talk with her. When they get old enough I will prepare separate rooms for them. Did you like the nanny I sent over?" Misaki had sent over an older looking demon who had the looks of a seventy year old lady. Why this was, Misaki did not know but she did not care. She just needed a nanny, her mother would not try to bed.

"Yes, she is excellent . I thank you for that. Even your mother is kept in line with her around." Misaki Kenji said gratefully.

"Alright then, continue resting. Ano'la will do a quick check up on you while she is here. I will bring my sisters out here to visit with them. So we are not hearing things we should not be hearing." Misaki said as she leaned down and patted her father on the head which resulted in a dirty look from him. Misaki laughed and walked towards the back room. And sure enough, she heard the sounds of people doing something naughty. When she got to the end of the hallway she heard the sounds of babies crying which Misaki smiled once hearing this. These were her first siblings since she was born, birthed from her mother and father.

She walked into the room where a nanny was gently rocking her two sisters back and forth trying to calm them down. "Nanny how are things going?"

"Master! Please talk to your mother! Day in and day out all they do is mate. It is not good for the children to be hearing those sounds." The nanny complained.

"Alright, I guess I will move my sisters elsewhere now instead of later. Nanny I will need you to keep a good eye on my father for me. Don't let that mother do anything to him while he is with child." Misak sighed. Her mother had always been strange but now her mindset was very strange. She hopped her sisters would at least have a normal mentality and normal habits like murder, torture, and the like.

"Master, thank you! I do adore these two. They are very sweet, I just fear..." The nanny did not dare voice her opinion fully. But Misaki understood.

"It's fine, I came to bring my sisters in the other room, my wives want to meet them as well." Misaki said, taking one of her sisters into her arms. As soon as the child was in her arms it quickly quieted down and began laughing.

"Master is truly loved by all. These two have not stopped crying for a while now." The nanny said with a smile.

Misaki smiled and walked out of the room, the nanny following after her. When she reached the main room her wives were cleaning up the room a bit and helping her father out some. "How is he?"

"Dad is doing fine. His health is good and the baby is also healthy. But after this child, he should wait a year before having more." Ano'la explained.

"Alright then. As you heard dad be careful. I can see if we can figure out a way to make a demon morning after pill or something along those lines." Misaki did feel bad for her father. She knew he had some identity issues since becoming female. But after so many years she just wished he would get used to it already.

"If you could, it would make me ve

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