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Alex was reviewing all the data he got from the infiltration of DEO in his apartment. Alex thought to himself, " They don't have actual whereabouts of the criminals. Hmm... Despite that, I got some good info." Suddenly, he heard a high pitched squeal.

A man said, " I'm communicating at 50,000 Hertz. If you can hear this, you were not born on this Earth. Painful, isn't it? The human of National City will suffer 10 times this pain if you don't face me. Meet me at the National City Power Plant." He continued, " How many people are going to die until you proved that you are not a coward? Daughter of Alura!"

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Alex said, " That must have been Vartox... (Paused for a while to think.) ... Kara should be on her way to the power plant to fight against Vartox. How should I help her to beat Vartox without using my superpower? I guess that I have to observe how she fights first." He wore his Phantom suit and went to the power plant, reaching there in a flash.

When Alex reached the power plant, he found out that Kara was not here yet. In camouflaged form, he carried out a recon on the place. As he finished so, there were no traps laid out and Kara arrived and came down on the ground. Kara was looking around, seem to be using her X-ray vision, but her effort was in vain. All the buildings in the power plant area were made by lead and other components; the leads in the buildings prevented Kara's X-ray vision. Alex was amazed by Vartox's plan as Vartox was using the surrounding as his advantage and he can hide and ambush Kara. He was disappointed by Kara's action as she did not carry out recon and her action was so much based on her emotion, she should control her emotion in-check when fighting someone else.

Kara said to her surrounding, " Clever. Picking a spot with lead. But I can still hear your heartbeat."

Vartox jumped from the top of a building to beside her and punched her. Kara was flung to the ground, several feet away from Vartox.

Vartox said to Kara, "On my planet, female bows before the male."

Kara said, "This is not your planet!" Vartox replied to her, "You look like Alura."

Kara asked him, "How do you know my mother's name?" Vartox replied, "You don't easily forget the name of the woman who condemned you to prison."

" Fort Rozz?" asked Kara.

"She was our judge and jailer," replied Vartox. He continued, " Can't kill her. So killing you will have to do."

Kara flew to him and hit him on the chest; Vartox crashed into a wall. Vartox got up, shrugging off the pain and punched Kara who was rushing into him. Kara grunted in pain and Vartox grabbed her on the throat and threw her to a nearby building. As soon as Kara got up, Vartox was already in the building and said, " Just because you wear that symbol on your chest doesn't mean you're him. Fighting him is an honor; fighting you is just exercise."

Kara was swinging her punches, which were all slow. Vartox dodged them and threw her out of the building. Vartox said, " You think that you could stop me? That you'd be able to stop any of us?" He stepped on her stomach and swung his ax on her face. She dodged it which was only 2 cm away from her face, she then forced him backward. Vartox then threw his ax on her, making a cut wound on her shoulder.

" Now you know what it's like to bleed. Soon, your whole city will bleed, " said Vartox and he then started to choke her. Kara was beginning to gasp for air and Alex had to do something to help her. She was losing her consciousness and Alex knew that Kara's sister, Alexa, and help were on the way, but they were not gonna make it in time to save her. He spun in a circle in a distance away from them and threw a bolt of lightning towards Vartox. It hit Vartox's head and stunned him on the spot, he grunted in pain. He released his grip off Kara'neck and turned around to see who atta

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