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Alex turned to the stranger who was holding Cait's hand and said in a serious tone, " Can you let go off her hand, please? " Alex and the stranger went into a staring contest, the stranger named Bucky said to himself, " Who does this guy think he is? I'm gonna teach him a lesson!! And this bitch is going to be mine for the taking." Bucky's thoughts were unknowingly predicted by Alex.

Alex : ' So it's going to be violence. I'm slightly going to enjoy this.' He gripped Bucky's arm and used his abnormal strength to inflict pain and nearly fractures the bones .

Bucky screamed in agony, " Argh.. my arm."

Alex said with a calm expression, " So are you going to let go and leave?"

Bucky : " You c****. You're going to suffer for this."

Alex: "Wrong answer ... " He pressed harder and a 'SNAP' sound can be heard. Bucky screamed even louder this time and said in hurry, " Okay.. okay.. We will go. Please spare me... Please... Let go my arm." Alex released his grip off Bucky and took Caitlin's hand and fast walk away from the scene. Alex thought, " Wow. Her hand is so soft. I wonder how about her scent ... ( shakes his head)" He asked Caitlin, " Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Caitlin replied him , " Just a slight bruise. That's all... I'm fine. Thank you, Alex for helping me back there. "

Alex : " No problem, Caitlin. It's a honour to help out a damsel in distress."

Witnessing it before her, she showed no expression besides smiling at Alex. Alex thought to himself, " What a beautiful smile!" Caitlin then requested Alex, " You can call me Cait, my friends call me that."

Alex : " Where's your home, Cait? "

Caitlin : " Oh... ''She pointed the direction with her finger' ... It's on the next bloke. "

Alex : " How about I walk you to your home? " She nodded and lead Alex the journey to her home. On the way to Caitlin's house, Alex did some small talk with Caitlin and not long, they reached their destination. Outside of the house, Caitlin said to Alex, " Goodnight Alex. See you next time." as she waved at Alex and went into her house. Alex said, " What a delightful person to be with! " while walking towards a taxi stand.

As Alex reached his villa, he laid on his couch and was going to switch on his 80 inch flat screen TV. Just as he's about to, he heard an announcement, 'DING! Mission success! System recovery is 10%. '

Alex : " The system has recovered 10%. System, open up my stats! "


System : Needs to be repaired (10%)

User name : Alexander Henry Allen (Phantom)

Age : ^% years old

Ability :

- Speed Force ( Level _+ )

- One with the Power ( Level %& )

- ID CREATE ( Level $@ )


Items : Phantom suit (size and color are adjustable), 1 x shop visit token

Currency : (" Billion GC


Alex : " My stats can be seen. But, the numbers are replaced by jumble letters. The description of my abilities are also not accessible. I will need to put in more effort to repair the system. The other good thing is that I can still use my Phantom suit. Time to relax and watch some news. " Alex then switched on the TV and it showed a news program. Dramatic sound effects appeared and it disrupted the usual news program.

'Breaking news!!'

Alex turned his full attention to it. 'Breaking news: Gunmen holding hostage in Central City Mall. 100 hostages are held in the mall and there are about 20 gunmen.' DING ! Mission alert.


New mission : Time to make your debut as Phantom

Condition :

Save the hostages (0/100)

Defeat the gunmen (0/20)

Reward :

Part of the system (5/50), Recognition of the public


Alex thought, ' Guess. It's time to make my debut! ' He wore the Phantom suit and asked his AI in hi suit, "Mark the spot of that incident on the map. Show me the route to there." He memorised it and speed out of his home ...

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