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Kara went out of the restaurant in a hurry, leaving Alex alone there. As she was out, she saw quite a few people were using their phones to video a plane with its engines on flame and she then looked up in the sky and took off her glasses. Kara used her enhanced sight (X-ray vision) to look into the plane and saw her sister, Alex sitting on her seat and calming the passenger next-by down. She hurried to a dark alleyway, taking off her jacket and trying to fly. Instead of flying, she was jumping and after a few tries, she managed to fly off the ground. 'Whish...' She was flying in the air and the plane which engine was on flame was flying over her, she flew quickly towards the plane.

Alex followed Kara silently, not alarming Kara as not a sound was made, including his breathing sounds and heart sounds. Alex witnessed all of it happening in front of his eyes and wore his Phantom suit, running at full speed and following her.


At that time, the other engine of the plane caught on fire. Alarms were ringing at the cockpit of the plane. The captain of the plane said, " We just lost our other engine. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! " Kara was getting closer to the plane and suddenly, one of the engines of the plan fell out and crashed on Kara. She crashed into it and pieces of it which were on fire were scattered and falling towards the city.

One of those pieces was heading towards a girl aging around 8 years old. The girl was separated from her parents in the crowd as she was chasing a butterfly, unaware of her surroundings. The girl was doomed as nobody could have saved her as it was moving in high speed and if it collided with her, it was highly likely to be fatal. Alex in his suit saw that and went straight in, moving the young girl to a safer spot. 'Boom!' The mother of the child stood there, started crying and shouted, "NOOO!"

As the dust cleared, there was no girl to be seen at the spot where the piece of the engine fell. The father of the child looked around for a while to find where was his child since she was not found to be at the crash site. A minute later, the child was found to be sitting on a bench with a strawberry shortcake. The parents went to her quickly, checked whether she was fine and hug her tightly. They wondered whether they saw wrongly or a miracle happened, saving their child from harm. The father asked the 8-year old girl, "What happened, sweetie? " and she replied to her father, " Someone in a dark red suit lifted me... He... He put me on this bench and even gave me a strawberry shortcake." The father looked around to see anyone resembling what his daughter told him, but there was no one in a dark red suit. After saving the girl, Alex went after the rest of the civilians who were in danger of getting hurt from the crashing pieces of the engine. It took a few moments for Alex carrying it out, he continued following Kara in silent. Not even a blur can be seen. (Author: A human can only see up to 1000 FPS.)

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