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On the next morning, many news reported that the hostages were saved and the gunmen were arrested and they will be interrogated by the police and the FBI. The news media such as FoxNews, CNN and etc even interviewed some of the victims (the previous hostages) and during those interviews, the victims said that a man in a dark red suit appeared out of nowhere and saved them. The interviewers did not believe a word from them and said that they must have seen wrong owing to their fear during the situation, there was no way that a person can travel at that kind of speed. After that, the news media were arguing about gun rights with each other.

Meanwhile, back to Alex's house, Alex was laying on his couch in the living room, listening to the news about the mystery hero. He summoned his stats and looked at them.


System: Needs to be repaired (20%)

User name: Alexander Henry Allen (Phantom)

Age: 23 years old

Ability :

- Speed Force ( Level _+ )

- One with the Power ( Level %& )

- ID CREATE ( Level $@ )


Items: Phantom suit (size and color are adjustable), 1 x shop visit token

Currency: 30 Billion GC


Alex: " I can now see some of the numbers. 80% more to go. It has been 5 months since Barry falls into coma and 4 months left before he wakes up. Can't do anything about it. Guess that I am going to check on him afterward since I had nothing to do today. " He looked at the clock, it was already 10.00 am on Saturday. He went to S.T.A.R Labs using his newly bought dark blue La Ferarri, choosing not to use his superspeed as his identity might be exposed to the Reverse Flash.

When he reached S.T.A.R Labs, the passers-by enjoyed the view of the car and some girls went up to Alex, trying to seduce him and getting into the good book of Alex. Alex ignored all of them and went into S.T.A.R Labs as he just wanted to visit his brother and interact with Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison Wells.

Before entering medical bay to visit Barry, Alex went into the time vault of Harrison Wells in stealth mode and placed a microscopic device that will enable Alex to see and hear in the vault. As he was doing so, he heard whirling sounds coming from the outside heading towards the time vault. It was Harrison Wells coming towards Alex.

Alex: " Shit. " He zoomed out of the time vault at his top speed quickly and went to the bathroom. "That was a close call," said Alex. The man in the wheelchair stopped at the entrance and looked around him before placing his hand on a scanner and entering the vault. Harrison Wells stood on his two feet and walked away from the wheelchair towards a small pillar in the vault.

Gideon was activated and said, " Good day, Dr. Wells."

Harrison Wells said, " One can always hope, Gideon. Bring up my log, would you."

Gideon: " Certainly, go ahead, doctor." A log appeared on top of the pillar, showing that there had already been more than ten thousand entries.

Harrison Wells: " It has been 5 months since lightning struck. The subject is still in a coma.' The log ended there. He continued saying out loud in the vault, " A man in a dark red suit appeared and I assumed that the man is Phantom, a strong meta-human hero that beat me multiple times in the future. Who is he? Even in the future, his identity was not revealed and he is a mystery. " He went plotting some plans to fish out Phantom and finding out his real identity.


All of this was seen and heard by Alex. Alex said, " Good, the device seems to work well. You can plot all you want, Reverse Flash, but you will never figure out that I, Alex Alen is the Phantom." He stopped monitoring Reverse Flash and walked towards the medical bay. Not long, he reached and saw his twin brother still laying on his bed, in comatose and Cisco and Caitlin checking his vitals in the room.

Alex went up to them, greeted them and asked how his twin was doing. At their conversation, Harrison Wells app

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