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While Alex was waiting outside the apartment for the door to open, Kara asked Alexa, "Who's it?" Alexa whispered to Kara, " It's someone, called Alex."

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Kara said, " Alex! He's here? "

Alexa said, " Yes, he is at the door. Who is he? Is he a friend?"

Kara replied, " Alex ... He is a ... friend. A good one." Kara walked towards the door and was about to open the door. Alexa stopped her and asked, " What are you doing? You are in your superhero suit. "

Kara said, " Oh. I forgot to mention to you that he had already known about me having abilities and he designed this suit."

" We need to talk about this later, " said Alexa as the door was opened.


After Alex was invited to the apartment by Alexa and Kara, the two ladies informed Alex about Kara's situation and that they had to go to DEO and are going to bring Alex with them there. Of course, Alex acted shocked and also increased his heart rate ( in order to fool Kara as she can listen to the heartbeat. And usually when shocked, the heart rate increases. ) when he listened to them.


In DEO headquarters, three figures, who were Kara, Alexa and Alex can be seen to be walking towards the command center.

Hank said, " It's Agent Danvers and her sister from another planet. And who are you? "

Alex introduced himself to Hank, " I'm Alexander Henry Allen. "

Hank said, " Alexandre Henry Allen? Huh... " He went and brought up the profile of Alex which was fake and was created by Alex to trick anyone thinking that he is nothing special except for his high intelligence. He went through it and said to Alex, " IQ of 140 and attended the University of Oxford, graduated as an honorary doctorate. "

Alexa said to Hank, " She's here to help us to fight Vartox. "

Hank replied to her, " I told you I don't trust aliens."

Alexa courageously stepped forward and said to Hank, " There's no one I trust more. Like her cousin, she was sent here, too, to help us. And if you want any more of my help, we're gonna let her. "

Their conversation ended in a sudden as Vasques announced, " I found Vartox. Sirs. Uh, ma'ams."

Hank asked Vasquez," Where?"

Vasquez said, " The silver of metal you extracted from Supergirl's arm. Vartox's ax has a unique nuclear thumbprint. Satellites picked him up heading towards the city. "

Kara said to everyone in the center, "Vartox said he was ready to start killing humans."

Hank ordered Vasquez, " Order a strike team to intercept."

Kara quickly warned Hank, " Your men will not be able to stop him. "

Hank dismissed Kara's opinion as he said, " Thank you for your opinion, Miss Danvers. "

Kara walked towards Hank and stood in front of him, trying to convince him to let her help.

She said, " Director Hankshaw, people of this city will die because of something I did. I started this. You have to let me stop it. "

Hank thought for a while and finally agreed to it. He told her, " Make sure you win. "

Alex reassured Hank, " She will. Don't worry! '


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