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While driving in the car to work, Alex received a notification from the system. 'Mission alert!'


Mission: Make Central City Safe

Condition: Reduce crime (System: Isn't that obvious?)

Reward: Part of the system (20%), Gratitude of Central City residents


Alex: "Hmm... This mission is not that difficult. During the night, I'm just gonna roam around the city to do this mission. While, during the day, I will just donate some funds to upgrade the police's equipment and use my political power as a billionaire and the most beloved citizen of Central City to clear up the corruption of those politicians. " He went off to work for about nine hours and after work, he went to the police station. As he reached the police station, he walked to the reception.

Alex said to the officer on the reception, " Hi there, officer. I would like to talk to the head of the police here." The officer recognized Alex and asked, " May I know why? " Alex replied, " I would like to speak to him on serious issues regarding Central City." The officer asked him to wait for a while and he ran off to the office of the head of police Central City. After brief moments, the head of police, the officer from the reception came out from the office and lead Alex to the office.

As Alex walked into the room, he saw the head of Central City police, Captain David Singh walking towards him. Captain David greeted him " Afternoon, Dr. Alex." Alex greeted him back. Captain David asked, " So what do I owe the pleasure of having Dr. Alex coming over here to talk to me? "

Before Alex said anything, he closed the door and shut the blinds close and sat down. He asked Captain David, " So captain, I would like to make a donation to the police department of Central City." The captain did not get joyful and was curious about the reason why Alex was donating money to the police department; he asked Alex, " Why so? "

Alex: " You see... That I want the equipment of the police to be upgraded. To make Central City safer."

Captain David interrupted Alex and said, " It's no use. You should spend the money elsewhere. Upgrading the equipments wouldn't help at all. There are gangs: mafia, triads, yakuza and etc. Even so, if we wanted to arrest them, they are protected from the top ... Corruption... They wouldn't allow it to happen."

Alex: " Great analysis, captain. That's why I'm here to discuss a plan with you. This plan involves flushing out most of the gangs and wiping out the corrupted politicians and the top brass of police. So, I will need your cooperation and the police. What do you say, captain?"

Captain David: " Let's just say ... Hypothetically... If I work with you, how are you going to find shreds of evidence and uncorrupt judges, juries and lawyers to arrest them. It is almost impossible to carry out your plan."

Alex: " I'm still explaining my plan, captain." He brought out his phone out and displayed a hologram of the plan out. The captain

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