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While Winn and Kara were speechless and thinking of an answer, Alex was enjoying his time looking at Kara's hot appearance and thought to himself, " She looks gorgeous in a bikini and without her glasses. "

It took them a long while before they clarify to Alex. Winn gestured Kara to go forward to explain herself. Kara thought to herself, "Guess that there is no other choice but to tell Eric about me having powers and believing him. " She went forward and asked Alex to sit down before breaking the news to him. Kara said, " I'm going to tell you something about me but only four people in my life know. Can I trust you?" "Erm... Sure," replied Alex.

Kara explained, "I'm the woman who saved the plane."

Alex looked at her and said sarcastically, "Right." He continued, " You need to come up with a better lie about this." To prove to Alex, Kara said, "Fine." and she flew up to the air till almost touching the ceiling of her apartment.

Alex acted to be shocked as he had already known and his reaction would be normal like everyone else. "So... you are her. But, that does not explain why you are wearing a bikini."

This time, Winn spoke up and told Alex, " We were trying out some superhero outfits for Kara to wear. And this is the first prototype." Alex said to Winn, "So Kara, your cousin is Superman?"

Kara said, "Uh huh."

Alex said, "So much information to digest in this short while." He slouched down on the couch while Kara and Winn were still in front of him, watching his reaction to the sudden news. Alex got up from the chain and he said, "Your secret is safe with me. Kara, shouldn't you get change? You are in a bikini in front of Winn and me."

As Kara realized her situation, her face was instantly red and she immediately dashed into her room to get changed. Not long, Kara came out from her room and she was still considered beautiful, even with normal clothing. Alex said to them, "I have not really introduced myself. I am Alexander Eric Allen. You can call me either Alex or Eric. Although, I prefer to be called Alex." Alex decided to reveal his true name since it cannot do much harm to him and his appearance has not been revealed yet.

Winn introduced himself too, " I'm Winslow Schott Jr, a friend of Kara. You can call me Winn." Kara did not do it as she had told Alex about it before their conversation ended abruptly in the restaurant yesterday.

Alex continued their conversation from before, "So let talk about your superhero suit. It had better not be the bikini version." He walked to the side of Kara and whispered, "Although, I don't mind you in it in some other time." Kara's was flushed and she cannot believe that Alex was flirting with her now. Beside getting flushed, she punched the shoulder of Alex gently, but it will still hurt and he shouted in pain, "Ouch!" [Author: Of course, not her full strength. Alex would have crashed into the wall and hurt badly.]

Alex said, "Hey, easy there." He rubbed the spot

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