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Cisco and Alex was still talking about Caitlin's tragic past. Cisco finished telling the story and Alex took a moment of silent before asking, " How does she deal with this? ". Cisco told Alex, " She deals with badly, she doesn't go out of S.T.A.R Labs much. She drowns herself with work every day." Alex said, "Hmm ... I will do my best to help her out. You have my word, Cisco. " As their conversation had just ended, Alex immediately wanted to start a conversation with Caitlin to help her out.

To his disappointment, Caitlin was nowhere to be seen and asked Cisco, " Where is she? Thought that she was in this room just now?" Cisco told him, " She might have went to the bathroom."

Alex said, " I see." as he walked out of the room and wondered around in S.T.A.R Labs. He walked down a path and saw a broken cage, with the metal bars seem-to-be ripped apart and there was a sign on it. Alex went and have a closer look, " Grodd. So, this was where the gorilla, Grodd was experimented on. I can't wait to fight with the psychic silverback gorilla, one of the enemies of the Flash." He moved on from the cage and walked back to the treatment room.

However, his journey was interrupted by a greeting with a familiar voice to him, " Hello there." Alex turned around and saw Harrison Wells ( Reverse Flash) in his custom-made wheelchair, greeting him. Alex greeted back, " Hello, Mr Harrison Wells." He introduced himself, "I'm Alex Allen."

Harrison Wells : " Barry's brother? "

Alex : " Yes. I got to say. I'm a fan of your huge work. Well, except for the recent one. "

Harrison Wells : " Likewise. I admire your work, especially in MARVEL company. And the Artificial Intelligence. "

Alex said, " Thanks. Anyways, how's my brother doing? "

Harrison Wells : " He's doing well. Not much of problems. "

Alex said, " Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. "

Harrison Wells, " You're welcome. If you don't mind, Mr Allen ... Do you mind going on a tour with me around here for a bit?". Alex rejected his offer and said his goodbye, leaving Harrison Wells alone in the treatment room with Barry. As Alex went out of S.T.A.R Labs , it was already 7.00 pm and was completely dark. Alex thought, " It has been productive days. Meeting Cisco, Cait and Harrison Wells in person. And I visit Barry too. " Alex saw Caitlin walking on the street and he speed up his movement to catch up to her. The gap between them decreased rapidly when Alex was speed walking towards her and it narrowed down to 5 meter away. Suddenly, a white and bulky man and his friends came out of nowhere and surrounded her.

The bulky white man : " Hi there. Can I interest you to a dinner with me? How about giving me your phone number, sweety."

Caitlin panicked and thought to herself, " Why did I use this shorter route today? Just because I wanted to go home earlier... " She regretted it and thought of bad scenario she got herself into, hoping of her shining knight coming to save her. Ronnie appeared in her mind , but she quickly told herself, " Ronnie's gone ... You gotta be strong. "

Caitlin said, " No thanks." as she tried to walk away from him and his friends. Sadly, her effort was in vain as her hand was hold by the white man and his friends blocked her path. " HEY, CAITLIN!!!!! She saw someone moving towards them and saying, " Hi there. "He turned to the stranger who was holding Cait's hand and said in a serious tone, " Can you let go off her hand, please? "

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