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Alex heard a 'DING' sound.

Mission : Help Caitlin Snow in dealing with her fiance's 'death'

Reward : ? , Restoration of the System (5/50)

Failure : Degradation of Speed Force and 'One with the Power'

Alex : " Isn't the system offline? Why did a new mission appear out of a sudden? " Alex had so many questions going on in his mind, was confused himself and did not understand the situation fully. Alex looked closely at the reward of the mission given and said, " Restoration of the System? Why is there a (5/50) ? Does it mean that there are 50 parts of the system to be fixed? "

His questions were answered partially when he heard ' S@*tem ... D@m@ged ... N33D R1PAIR903! ' Alex almost couldn't make what the system was trying to say, thought, " So the system is damaged and it needs repairing. So I will need to acquire all of the 50 parts to do so. "


Alex asked Cisco, "Cisco, can I ask you something?". Cisco replied, " Yeah, sure Alex. You can ask me anything." Alex said, " Why does Caitlin look a bit ... Guarded and gloomy?" while he watched Caitlin doing her things alone in a corner.

Cisco said, "Erhm" while he turned his gaze towards Caitlin too. He continued, "Something happened to her. " Alex said, " Something bad? Was it during the particle accelerator explosion? ". Cisco said, " It is not really the matter that I can talk about, Alex." Alex looked at him kindly and said, " Maybe I can help? Come on ... Give me a chance, Cisco. " Cisco was thinking about it and was slightly inclined to tell him what happened to help Caitlin who he see every day being sad and depressed, but decided not to take the risk.

However, before Cisco denying the help from Alex, Alex said, "If you do tell me, I will give you a tour around my MARVEL company and give you a limited addition smartphone, AIM 69, made from MARVEL company. How about it?". Cisco heard the offer, thought "AIM 69? There are only 50 phones of that design and it has its own built-in AI, costing millions of dollar for one."and quickly accepted it as he was afraid that Alex was going to retract the offer.

Cisco whispered to Alex, "Caitlin looked like this because of death of her fiance, Ronnie Raymond ... My best friend too.. It was during the particle accelerator explosion. "

Recalling the incident ...


FLASHBACK to before the particle accelerator explosion

Caitlin : I know it's a long flight, Ronnie, but ... we can binge watch the Orange is The New Black.

Ronnie : " Oh okay. How about Italy? Pizza, wine and more pizza"

Caitlin giggled, said " Yes. But Italy doesn't have mai tais. AND a honeymoon isn't a honeymoon without mai tais. "

Cisco : " Dr Wells, the accelerator is primed and ready for particle injection. "

Caitlin, Ronnie and Dr Wells look at each other, smiling and celebrating for the success. Dr Wells then placed his palm on the scanner, activating the particle accelerator and told everyone in the room, " Lad

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