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Phantom said to Reverse Flash, " Hi there! Who are you? ( Even though Alex know who he was.)" Reverse Flash did not reply and stayed silent, observing Phantom in a distance. Phantom told Reverse Flash, "Okay, fine then I will just beat you up to find out who you are." A fight between Phantom and Reverse Flash was soon about to go down.

Phantom and Reverse Flash ran towards each other in the football stadium. Phantom knocked down Reverse Flash as they clashed with each other. As Reverse Flash was on the floor, Phantom said, " Not fast enough." Phantom ran off in the stadium and Reverse Flash quickly got up and chased after him. Both of them speed around the stadium, pushing each other and exchanging punches and kicks with one and another. Well, most of the time Reverse Flash was taking blows as Phantom dodged most of Reverse Flash's blows and his reflex and reaction were faster than Reverse Flash's.


When Reverse Flash saw Phantom in front of him in the football stadium, Reverse Flash thought to himself, " Phantom, I'm going to beat you and finally find out about your identity before you become a real threat to me in the future." As he heard Phantom's question, he did not reply to Phantom and was not afraid and excited about the fight.

Fast forwarding ... When he landed a punch on Phantom, it did not deal much damage to Phantom. Reverse Flash thought to himself, " Why isn't he in any pain at all? Is it because of his suit?"


Reverse Flash was thrown off to the ground on the football field by Phantom. He got up and speed around a circle, going to do a lightning bolt throw. Phantom saw what Reverse Flash was doing and stood there. Reverse Flash stopped circling around and moved towards Phantom and threw a bolt of lightning towards him. Phantom entered Flash time, slowing down time and went grabbing the lightning bolt and threw the bolt back to the Reverse Flash. ' BANG! ' Reverse Flash was flung back and was on the ground again. When he was about to get back up, Phantom went there speed punching Reverse Flash till he almost went unconscious. Phantom spared Reverse Flash's life and he did not plan to kill him yet since he did not want the timeline to change too much due to his interference.

Phantom said " You disappoint me... Very much. See you next time, Mr. Pathetic. " He left the injured Reverse Flash alone on the football field and went back patrolling the city. Reverse Flash was seriously beaten up and exclaimed, " Er... Ouch. I will get you for this, Phantom. It will be the last thing that I will do. " Reverse Flash slowly got up from the ground and initially limping and finally ran back to S.T.A.R Labs.


The day after Phantom defeating Reverse Flash,

Alex went to visit Barry in S.T.A.R Labs and witnessed Dr. Wells' injured condition. He was going to be there for the whole day as that day was his shift to look after Barry. When he entered the room, he saw Caitlin treating some wounds of Dr. We

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