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At 8.30pm, there was a long line of people lining up to enter Maclaren's bar and a bouncer who was at the entrance was denying people from entering. Some women tried to seduce the bouncer and some men tried to bribe him, but all of their efforts were in vain. A young handsome brunette man, dressed in a T-shirt, a black jacket and jeans, was seen to be standing alone outside Maclaren's bar.

Alex said, "What is taking them so long?" while looking at his watch. As he looked up, he saw two familiar people, Cisco and Caitlin, hurrying towards him. They both said at the same time, "Sorry, Alex: " Alex said to them, "Let's head in."

Cisco: "But Alex, we got to queue up to enter."

Alex: " No need. We can straight away enter. Follow me." He headed towards the bouncer and Caitlin and Cisco followed him. They reached the bouncer, who halted them, Alex took out a silver colored card and showed it to the bouncer. As the silver card was taken out, a random person said, " Wow, that's a VIP membership card of this bar, Maclaren's bar. There's only 20 of those exist."

He said, "Hello, Terry. They are with me."

Terry: "Good evening, Dr. Alex. Your friends can enter, sir." He allowed them in and stood in the way of those people who were in line.

When they entered Maclaren's bar, Alex asked Cisco, "Cisco, why did you get here late?" Cisco replied, "We got here late ... Because Caitlin was choosing what to wear before coming here and doing her make-up." Caitlin asked them, " What are you guys discussing? " They replied, "Nothing ..." They quickly walked away from her and went searching for a spot to sit down and drink. Soon, Cisco found a free booth to sit down and drink. Cisco and Caitlin went there to sit, while Alex went to the bartender and ordered three Sidecar. Waited for a while for the expensive cocktails, he took them to the booth where Cisco and Caitlin were.

Alex: " Here, each for you."

Cisco: " What is this? "

Alex: " That is a Sidecar, made of 1865 Ritz Fine Champagne Cognac, Cointreau, and a dash of lemon juice, it's not for the faint-hearted or the frugal. Enjoy it."

Caitlin took a ship, exclaiming, " Wow, this is good." She asked Alex, " Alex, how much does this cost? "

Alex replied, " Erm ... it cost about $1670." Cisco and Caitlin shouted, " WHAT? " " Shh ... so try to enjoy the cocktail as much as you can. After this drink, I will buy you guys vodka," said Alex.

Cisco: " Anyways, Alex. We never get to know Barry. Can you describe him?"

Alex: " Barry is erm ... A total nerd... Also, sometimes socially awkward But, he is a kind-hearted person. "

Caitlin: " You guys must have been close."

Alex: " Yeah, we are."

Caitlin: " What about Iris? How did you guys know her? "

Alex: " We were childhood friends. We went to almost the same school, except for university. I had to go abroad to study medicine. She and Barry are each others' BFF ( Best friend forever). Also, they do have a crush o

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