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Barry was brought to the hospital quickly after getting struck by lightning.

Doctor A : " What the hell happen to him? "

EMT : " He got hit by a lightning ! "

Another EMT: " How is he still alive? "

Doctor B : " No heartbeat. Give me CBC Chem 24, type and cross four. Bag him. "

Nurse said to a young lady who was rushing into the emergency room, " You can't be in here ! " The lady was Iris West and she replied to the nurse, " I'm his friend !! "

Doctor A : " Flat line. Charge paddles ... CLEAR !! "

Iris said, " BARRY !!" as she was dragged out of Emergency Room by a nurse.


Barry was attached to a ventilator and a heart rate monitor in his private room in the hospital, accompanied by Iris. Nora and Henry came into the room, seeing Iris nodding off in her seat.

Nora and Henry : " Dear, it has been a week, you barely eat or sleep. You should probably go home at some point. We will be here to look after him. "

Iris : " I will. Where is Alex, Mrs Allen ? "

Nora : " Alex is currently helping those who were affected by the explosion in his own clinic. He said that he will come and visit very soon, probably in the afternoon. "

In the midst of the conversation, Barry went into heavy seizures and his heart rate monitor showed a flat line.

Iris : " OMG! OMG ! They say that he was stable! " Barry continued seizing and "BEEP" sounds were produced by the heart monitor, alerting the doctors and nurses.

Iris said, " Barry? " while going closer to Barry to have a closer look at him. The doctors and nurse rushed in the room and started to treat Barry's sudden seizures.

Random doctor : " I need the room! How can he be seizing? He has no heart rhythm. "

Nurse : " Starting compression! "

Nora and Henry as well as Iris went out of the room. The parents stopped outside the room, but Iris continued walking away from the room, obviously panicking and crying. Nora saw what happen and told Henry, " I will go and comfort Iris, Henry. You stay here and do what you can to help Barry!! " She ran after Iris, while Henry stared into the room through the glass of the door, seeing the doctors' efforts to treat Barry. He heard someone saying, " They can't save him. But I can! " and turned his head to the direction where the sound originated from. He saw Harrison Wells in a wheelchair, facing towards him.

Henry : "I know who you are. You are that scientist that Barry was obsess with, the one that blew all in the city. "

Harrison Wells : " Harrison Wells and interesting enough my facility is very place I like to bring him."

Henry : " You are out of your mind!"

Harrison Wells : " I'm not gonna convince you with promises but give me a chance."

Henry : " I think we already know you are capable of. You hurt a lot of people that night. "

Harrison Wells : " So those doctors in there are good enough? Best in the city? Best in the country? Look at them, they have no clue what's going on.

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