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marybethgriggs > Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother > 10 13 years later...
13 years had passed and the twins were 23 of age and they had to be apart with each other as they went to different colleges. Barry still went to major in physics and chemistry and studied criminology at Central city University as he found it to be intriguing, whereas Alex was totally different than Barry in so many ways.

Nora and Henry found out that he was able to learn things very fast and was a genius when he was 12 years old (He was using speed reading). Alex skipped several grades and went abroad, more specifically studied medicine in Cambridge. Alex choose this course because he wanted to use his acquired skills to help the unfortunate ones and those who will be suffering from the particle accelerator explosion in the future. While studying for medicine, Alex gave advice about stock exchange to his parents and it went well as they did what they were told. They had enough funds to support their sons and themselves. Also, Alex kick-started his own business company, called Marvel, that sold patented technologies such as his own smartphone brand - AIM - and many other more; he became one of the youngest millionaire in the world.


Back to the present..

Today was 11 December 2013 . A brunette and well built young adult, with sunglasses on, had just came out of the Central City airport departure gate, with a luggage trailing behind him and he took off the glasses, revealing him to be Alex Allen, a young, smart and single millionaire. Some group of girls who were walking at the background noticed him and stopped at their tracks to stare at him, while some just gave him dirty looks. Some of them stopped because they realized who he was, whereas the rest wanted to stare at the handsome lad. Alex noticed the actions of the ladies and smiled and waved at them, causing them to blush. Some of the girls came up to him, asking for his phone numbers and also requesting to take pictures with him. Alex politely declined them because he wanted to keep a low profile and this visit was to surprise his parents and Barry as well as to look after Barry after he (Barry) will be struck by lightning and become comatose.

He then looked at his phone, showing the time at 4.00 pm. Alex said, "I am slightly earlier than I expected, might as well call the cab now to surprise them." before whistling for a cab. It took not long before Alex was on a cab and was on his way to his parents' house. During the journey, he looked through his phone, AIM 2.0, which was a massive hit. Looking at his chat history with his family and friends on his phone, his parents were well, whereas Barry had a great relationship with the family of West, but had not made any real progress in his love life.

Alex : " Sigh, my brother is so stubborn. Despite of all my efforts and encouragement, he still does not want to make the leap and confess to Iris. Maybe, I can buy some items to help him in this... Hmmmm. System, I like to see my stats."


System : Online (2.0)

User name : Alexander Henry Allen (Phantom)

Age : 23 years old

Ability :

- Speed Force ( Level 40 )

User is able to travel up to Mach 800 ( 274 400 m/s ).

- One with the Power ( Level 10 )

User is able to absorb energy and convert them very efficiently. User is also able to energy blast and will not be tired and do not need to eat due to no loss of energy. If this power gets overused, user will get headaches and it will get worse until user takes a rest and eat meals.

- ID CREATE ( Level 8 )

Used to create instant dungeon.

Stronger instant dungeon can be created at higher levels.

Current available dungeon list :

1. Empty Instance - monster : none

2. Zombie Instance - monster : evolved zombies (BOSS : Zombie the Executioner)

3. Ogre Instance - monster : ogre (BOSS : Ogre King)

4. Demon Instance - monster : low grade, middle grade demon (BOSS : Demon general)

5. Mixed Instance - monster : ogre, middle grade gra

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