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System : Online

User name : Alexander Henry Allen

Age : 10 years old

Stats :

Power - 8 Luck - 0 ( Author : 5 is the average human stat except for Luck )

Dexterity - 8

Constitution - 8

Intelligence - 8

Ability :

- Speed Force ( Level 1 )

User is able to travel up to the speed of sound ( 343m/s )

- Energy manipulation ( Level 1 )

User is able to absorb energy and convert them.

Items : -

Currency : 1 Billion gold coin


Alex was staring at his stats in his bedroom while saying, "Hmm...my stats improved generally probably due to Speed Force ( Level 1) and Energy Manipulation ( level 1 ). So, the powers that I got starts from Lvl 1, I will need to train them. Reverse Flash has probably killed Harrison Wells and his lover and is going to make the particle accelerator to explode in 2013. I will need to train hard and try to master my powers before the particle accelerator explode."

His thought was disturbed by Barry, Barry asked him, "What happened just now, Alex? " Alex lied to Barry, "No idea, Barry. Mom and dad are discussing with each other and told us not to worry and not to tell other people about it." Hearing this, Barry nodded his head and went to sleep.

Outside the bedroom, Nora and Henry were discussing about the incident that happened a few hours ago. Their discussion came to no conclusion as they tried going to the police station to report about it and they were ridiculed by the policemen as well as they do not know the incident fully well.


On 19th March 2000, Sunday

Alex was thinking on how to test and train his powers.

Alex : "I am not allowed to be out of the house alone and using my powers at home would be

disastrous as it will be noticed and I want my powers as a secret."

Alex asked the system,: " System, is there any way for me to train my powers in secret ?"

System replied, : " Yes, there are, Alex. Sad for you, all of it requires a shop visit token which you currently do not have. But luckily for you, this system, THIS MASTER, pities you very much ..... and will give you a one-time offer. This offer includes the power to create 'ID CREATE' and it costs 1 Billion GC. "

After listening to system, a timer appeared. " Time left : 30 seconds ... 29... 28 ... "

Alex : " Shit....seriously system. You are going to rob all of my GC !!! There's no time to think about it."

While Alex was having internal struggle, the timer showed 5...4...3....2.....1. Alex shouted immediately, " I ACCEPT THE OFFER!!!" 'Purchase is completed,' Same thing as before, ID CREATE is level one.

ID CREATE ( Level 1 )

Used to create instant dungeon.

Stronger instant dungeon can be created at higher levels.

Current available dungeon list :

1. Empty ID - monster : none

Later, at night, while everyone went to sleep, Alex was wide awake and said to the system, " ID CREATE!!!" Alex was teleported and was now on a random street. He then decided to explore the so-called-dungeon and found a park.

Alex : " This is a good place to test Speed Force." He continued talking to himself, "I am going to take it easy first."

He then positioned his body to be readied to run. .' WHOOSH ..." He was running fast, feeling the wind around him and said to system, " How fast I am running now." System replied, " Your speed is now 100 km/hr. " He decided to take it even further and 'BOOOM' sound was appeared.

The sound barrier was broken and Alex was travelling over the speed of sound ( 1234.8km/hr ). After running for a while, he took a rest. Not long, "HMM.....ARGHHH" noise was heard by Alex. Alex turned his head towards the location of the noise and saw zombies walking towards him.

Alex then ran towards the zombies at the speed of sound and was doing ' SUPERSONIC PUNCH!!!' to every zombie he saw and aimed his punches well at their heads. The zombies he punched were launched to the w

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