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Henry reached out and carried Alex and Barry to the sofa; Nora and him calmed them down. After being comforted by the parents, Alex opened his mouth and said, " Barry! " and repeated it 3 times before stopping.

Nora said happily, " He said his first word, Henry! "

Henry spoke, " He did, darling. "

Despite getting shocked by Alex, they were kinda disappointed as his first word was not 'Papa' or 'Mama'. They still had hope as Barry still had not said his first word before ,hearing the word 'Alex ! Alex ! 'coming out from Barry. Nora and Henry were utterly crushed with disappointment. Seeing this, Alex decided to cheer them up by saying ' Mama ' and 'Papa'.

Nora said: "He said 'Mama' before 'Papa', that means that I win. Haha, now you have to buy the handbag I wanted. " She was laughing as well as celebrating her win.

Henry said : "Fine. Let's go to the mall today." 'There goes my savings' was said in his mind in order not to incur the wrath of his wife.

Nora leaned toward Henry and kissed his cheeks before hurrying to her room to get dressed and saying ' I love you! '



Nora and Henry made a bet a few weeks ago when they were at a handbag shop in a shopping complex.

Nora said : " Henry, it's so beautiful. Can i buy it?

Henry was about to say yes before peeking at the price tag. HOLY SHIT!! 1500 dollar for a handbag. Immediately, he said no.

Nora was upset and seeing her like that, Henry made a bet with her. Henry bet that the twins will say 'Papa' before 'Mama', whereas Nora bet that they will say 'Mama' first. If Nora wins, Henry will buy the prana handbag. If Henry wins, Nora will let him do anything to her. (Wink! Wink! We should all know what that means.)

(Author : Pls don't flame me about the handbag. I dont have much knowledge about this and had to research about this. )


Back to the present

Meanwhile, Alex received his rewards from his system and he currently have 400,000 GC and 1 mystery box. He said in his mind, "System, i would like to use my mystery box."

System asked, " Would you like to use your Luck +1 to increase your chances of getting a better reward? Your Luck stat will reduce to 0 if u do so."

Alex replied, " Sure! Let's do this ! HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD!"

Hoping for the best,the box was opened and heard the system producing loud 'PING' 'PING' 'PING' sounds , which slowly dulled down.

Then, an announcement was made. 'Congratulation, Alex. You received 1 billion GC.' Alex was surprised, " WOO, I am rich, baby ! It was f***ing worth it !"

Despite getting rich, he still did not use the shop visit ticket .

System : Online

User name : Alexander Henry Allen

Age : 10 months

Stats :

Power - 2 Luck - 0 ( Author : 5 is the average human stat except for Luck )

Dexterity - 2

Constitution - 2

Intelligence - 8

Ability : -

Items : 1 x shop visit ticket

Currency : 1,000,400,000 gold coin


Make your parents' life difficult (Accomplished)

Say your first word (Accomplished)

Take your first step (Accomplished)

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