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Alex saw what happen and tried something, " Barry's good looking too. Maybe you guys ... Should date each other and watch a movie? What do you think, Iris? " Iris heard it, thinking, " Me and Barry? " while blushing a little. But then, she pushed the idea way back of her head and said, " I will think about it." Barry hearing this, was surprised as he expected her to reject Alex's offer. He wanted to continue this conversation, but Iris got a call from Joe and had to go home to do something, whereas Alex said that he was tired from the flight and wanted to go rest.


Not far away in Central City and at around the same time, Joe and his partner, Detective Chyre , reached a farm house in their police car, looking out for the Mardon brothers.

Joe : " This is last farm on Barry's list. "

Chyre : " Look, I know the kid's smart, but you said it yourself ... sometimes he's chasing flying pigs. "

Joe : " Well, let's check it anyways. "


Back to Barry ...

Meanwhile, Barry went to his crime laboratory while still holding a tissue over his nose. He walked over a puddle of water on floor as water dripped down from a window on the roof. He then switched on the desktop before taking off his jacket.

Reporter : " I'm Linda Park and we are live outside the S.T.A.R. Labs despite the weather, which will only get worse. The torrential downpour in no way affected the particle accelerator, which is running smoothly according to S.T.A.R. Labs CEO Harrison Wells. "

Alex was near there in stealth mode,in order to prevent Harrison Wells from seeing him under surveillance and also in order to witness the birth of Flash.


Back to Joe and Chyre,

They entered the farm house with caution and saw a some sort of car being covered by a cloth. They approached the car and Joe lifted up the cloth, revealing the car to be SHELBY GT 500.

Chyre : " Woa! "

Joe : " Mardon. "

In a sudden, shots were fired at them. They quickly ducked for cover and fired back shots.

One of the Mardon brothers, Clyde Mardon was shooting at them from the first floor of the farm house. As he stopped firing for a while, he dropped a barn on the ground and jumped, landing on it.

Chyre said : " What the hell !"while moving towards Clyde.

Clyde turned his back and shot multiple shots as he ran towards a plane that was pilot by Mark Mardon. One of the shot hit Clyde's neck, rendering him to be bleeding excessively and lying motionless on the ground. Joe witnessed the scene before him and ran towards Clyde, checking out his condition.

Joe said, " Chyre, hang in there. " while checked his partner's pulse. It was getting weak rapidly. Joe turned his view on Mardon brothers as he wanted revenge ,but the plane had already lifted off.


Barry was still watching the television at the moment.

Linda : " Wait, we are now being told to evacuate the facility. The storm may have caused a malfunction to the primary cooling system. Officials are now trying to shut down the particle accelerator , but so far have been unable to regain control of the..... "

The stream was cut off. ' BOOOM' sound was produced not far away and was heard by Barry. Energy surged from S.T.A.R. Labs and spread everywhere.

The plane that Mardon brothers were flying as the energy waved hit the plane, causing it to blow up.

Barry quickly went to close the window that was on the roof. As he was doing so,, he heard rattle sounds in his lab. Chemical fluids started to flow up and Barry looked up, seeing a lightning heading his way. BAAAM, Barry lied unconsciously on the ground. There seemed to be a red lightning coursing through his veins up to his head.

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