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In the middle of the night, a commotion occurred in the house, waking up Alex and Barry. They slowly walked out of their bedroom. As Alex was walking downstairs, he just remembered today is the day where Nora dies to Reverse Flash. 'Argh, stupid me! How could I forget !!' He made up his mind and said to system, "System, I like to use my shop visit ticket now." while walking down, after which he heard " System shop is initiating! "

As the twins reached the room where loud sounds are originating from, they saw three different colors streaks of blur or light- yellow, red and dark red- surrounding their mother. Alex was confused as he remembered in the Flash series, there had only been 2 streaks - Flash and Reverse Flash. "So, who is the other person running in the room? Is it me?" thought by Alex. However, his thoughts was disturbed by ' DING! ' .

New Mission : When there is death, there will always be death!

Condition : Death of a living thing

Reward : Speed force

New mission : Prevent the death of your mother, Nora

Condition: Do you seriously have to think about it, stupid ( by system)

Reward :1 billion GC

Alex exclaimed, : ' What? Why are there two missions? One say that mean Nora must die and the other mention that Nora can be saved?? Wait a minute, the condition of the former mission is death of a living thing, not Nora. I can save my mom, Nora. Bring it, Reverse Flash. System, open shop!"


Shop (Timer: 1 hour left before shop is closed)

Current balance: 2 billion and 500 thousand GC


SSS rank (locked)

SS rank ( cost 2 billion GC )

-Krypton gene

-Speed force

- Strength force

-Demigod gene

-King of Atlantean gene

-Lantern Ring

-Energy manipulation

S rank ( cost 1 billion GC)

-Elemental manipulation

-Ancient magic

Alex : "So many choice! Krypton gene, hmmm. Having superman ability is cool except for his stupid weakness... Energy manipulation? That's seem to be interesting. Shop, are there items that are sold?"

System : "Yes, there are. What would like to buy?"

Alex : " Is there any item that can swap two objects' location with each other ?

System answered quickly, "Yes! The item is called 'Creature swap',costing 100,000 . Do you want to purchase it?".

(Creature Swap is from Yu Gi Oh,it's from a card game that I used to play when I was young)

Alex : "Yes along with the ability of energy manipulation. Can system time the usage of Creature Swap and use it to swap my mother with a cat when Reverse Flash stabbed my time with the knife?"

System : " Yes, the total cost is 2 billion and 500 thousand. "


"Barry!! Alex!!!" shouted by Nora while extending her arm towards the twins. Henry went to the twins, shouting " RUN, ,BARRY! RUN !!! Alex, protect your brother! GOOO! " Then, the yellow streak carried the kids out of the house while the other two were still fighting and in deadlock. The stalemate did not last long as the red streak moved towards Nora and grabbed a knife, intending to stab her with it. As the knife was about to pierce Nora's heart, she was switched with a cat and the cat was killed on that spot.

Reverse Flash was confused and wanted to know what had just happened, but couldn't stay still for so long and in the house, sprinted out of the house as he was still getting chased by the other two. The dark red streak stopped for a while in the room and looked at Henry, smiled (which wasn't noticed by Henry as it was too fast) before sprinting off.

Henry's thoughts, ' WTF ! Where is Nora? Why did a cat take the place of Nora? Whatever!! Need to go find Nora and the kids.' His mind was in a mess but, still went out of the house to find his family. Seeing Nora and the kids safe outside together, he gave a sigh of relief.

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