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After being discharged from the hospital, Nora and Henry brought their twin babies to their home, Holly Drive, Central City; United States and the twins enjoyed staying at their new home. Nora and Henry were busy and extremely tired on the first few months, owing to the babies, especially Alexander. However, they slowly got used to the difficulty of taking care of the twins.



On the first day of Alexander in his home, he heard an announcement 'Mission available !'.

Daily Mission : Make the life of your parents hard..... [system : hehehe]

- Cry in the middle of the night (0/10)

- Make 'a number 2' multiple times in a day (0/10) (author : it's shit if u don't know)

- Puke (0/3)

Reward : 1 shop visit ticket [system : only for the first time of completing this mission ]

1000 gold coins

Alexander said, "Hmmmm, sorry Dad and Mom. It has to be done. "


Back to the present,

Alexander had done his daily mission for an about 10 months and had accumulated 300,000 gold coins and 1 shop visit token. Currently, he was playing with Barry while wondering whether he's should use his one and only shop visit token to see what abilities or items are available in the shop. Finally, he decided not to as the token he had might be the only one given to him by the system. He then summoned his system.

System : Online

User name : Alexander Henry Allen

Age : 10 months

Stats :

Power - 2 Luck - 1 ( Author : 5 is the average human stat except for Luck )

Dexterity - 2

Constitution - 2

Intelligence - 8

Ability : -

Items : 1 x shop visit ticket

Currency : 300,000 gold coin


Make your parents' life hard (daily mission)

Time to take your first step (new)

Reward : 50,000 gold coin

Time to say your first word (new)

Condition 1 : Say 'Papa'

Reward : Henry's affection towards you increases + 1,000,000 gold coins


Condition 2 : Say 'Mama'

Reward : Nora's affection toward you increases + 1,000,000 gold coins


Condition 3 : Say Barry

Reward : Both parents and Barry's affection towards you increases + 100,000 gold coins

+ 1 x mystery box

Alexander was thinking in his mind, "What should i say? Looking at the 1 and 2, they are the same. On the other hand, 3's gold coin reward is less but, i get more love from my parents and receive a mystery box. A mystery box, hmmm. Is it worth the risk? 1,000,000 GC or 100,000 GC plus a mystery box...ARGHHHH!!!" After taking a while to choose, he made up his mind and was going to complete his new missions.

This was taking place as Henry and Nora were watching Barry and Alex playing with each other from the sofa. Alexander then used all of his strength to stand up and faced towards his parents.

Nora shouted, : " Look at Alex !(Author : Alex is short for Alexander) He's trying to walk!! So

adorable!! Go and get the camera, Henry. Hurry up!!"

Alexander then took his first step and walked towards them while Henry was recorded it by using the camera. Alexander did more steps before tumbling down and cried out. At the same time, Alex heard the system saying 'Mission: Take your first step (Accomplished)'. Meanwhile, Barry seeing this, also cried out.

Henry reached out and carried Alex and Barry to the sofa; Nora and him calmed them down. After being comforted by the parents, Alex opened his mouth and said, " *****! "

It was ....


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