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Alexander woke up with a headache and looked around him. He started thinking ' Where am I? What is this place?' Wasn't I watching The Flash TV series just now?' He saw an old man sitting behind a desk and drinking from a mug and walked towards the man.

The old man gestured him to sit down and said, ''Hello, Alexander. If you are wondering, I am called 'Being X' or 'God'. I don't have much time to explain. So in short, I accidentally caused you to have a heart attack and will like to apologize to you and grant you three wishes.''

Alexander listened to Being X's explanation and accepted it calmly and quickly. He said, "Okay, I accept your apology. I would like to be reborn. "

Being X was surprised by Alexander's reaction and asked, "How are you so calm?"

Alexander replied," Well, I am taught by my grandparents to believe in reincarnation and the existence of 'Being X' or 'God'."

"I see....So which universe you would like to be reborn in ? One piece? Marvel ? DC? "said Being X. Alexander quickly replied, "DC! TO BE PRECISE, the ARROWVERSE! I like to change ITS SHITTY PLOT, ESPECIALLY THE FLASH ! Also, i wish to be reborn as Barry Allen's twin brother and i want a system. "

Being X said, " Sure, it will be done and good luck to you ! I will be monitoring your progress in the Arrowverse. " A flash appeared suddenly in front of Alexander and his vision was blurred for a few moments.


Alexander took a few moments to open his eyes before feeling a suction towards his head and was pulled outside. When he came out of the dark and cold place, his bottom was hit by a doctor and the pain was immense to him.

Alexander : "Ouch ! That's hurts, m*********er! However, ' wa wa waa ah' sound only came out of him."

Doctor : "Congratulations, Miss !!! The delivery is successful. You have healthy twins, both males!!"

???? : " Can i hold them, doctor?"

The doctor said sure and passed the twins to the lady lying on the surgical bed.

???? asked, "Henry, what should we name our sons?" while holding the twins.

Henry replied, "Let's name them and Bartholomew Henry Allen and Alexander Henry Allen, Nora. "

Nora exclaimed, " It's perfect, Henry! " She then passed them to Henry who then placed them into their shared crib. They saw the twins sleeping soundly, but they didn't know that one of the twins, Alexander was half-awake and he heard a 'DING' and saw

System : Online

User name : Alexander Henry Allen

Age : 15 mins

Stats :

Power - 1 Luck - 1

Dexterity - 1

Constitution - 1

Intelligence - 7

Ability : -

Items : -

Currency : 0 gold coin

Alexander wondered, "Hmm, zero coin? What is the gold coin for? Unknowingly, the system replied, "It is the currency to be used to buy abilities and items in shop, which can only be accessed by using a shop visi

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