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He entered his room once again and started to wear his clothes. Those were the Black Shirt and Pants with his Black Cloak. He even tied a headband with a black cloth and went out of his own room. He saw Ximen Chen coming out of the room and greeted him.

He greeted back as he went towards Bai Qian's room, he saw her peacefully sleeping with her cleavage visible to his eyes, he wasn't in the mood right now, so he neared her body and softly said, "Wake up, Qian'er. Get ready, we have to go to an auction today."

Bai Qian heard his words and turned her body as she said in her sleep, "Just 2 more minutes…" Lin Feng softly sighed as he said, "Not now, Qian'er. Get ready fast and wake up Su Yijun too. I am going to wait for 10 minutes downstairs."

He went downstairs as he met up with Ximen Bing, she saw Lin Feng and ran towards him in her full speed and hugged him. She said, "Father, I was so scared when I couldn't find you when I woke up. I thought that it was all a dream. It isn't right?"

Lin Feng shook his head as he spoke, "It isn't, my dear. I am always going to take care of my Bing'er. I already promised you yesterday." He raised his pinky finger as Ximen Bing's eyes flashed with that memory and excitedly nodded her head. She followed him to the ground floor of the Villa as she held his hand.

After everyone reached the ground floor, Ximen Chen was a bit surprised to see Ximen Bing together with Lin Feng. The same was the case with Bai Qian and Su Yijun, they were happy that Lin Feng seemed to like kids and their face slightly turned red.

All of them were ready and went out of the Villa, Lin Feng called out for Shao Dong and asked him to lead them towards the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall. Shao Dong obeyed as he led them towards the Auction Hall. When they reached the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall, the words were clearly written with just the right size and gap between them.

The guards saw that it was Shao Dong that was coming towards them and lightly smiled towards him as they said, "So, the Lion Eagle Gang is also interested in today's Auction. Interesting…" Shao Dong looked towards them and said, "I am not interested but my Lord is interested in this Auction."

He pointed towards Lin Feng so as to tell the guards about his identity. One of the guard whistled as he saw Lin Feng and said, "So, this is the self proclaimed Town Lord that had single handedly destroyed the Tiger Eagle Gang." Another guard standing besides him gave out a response, "Well, contrary to most people's belief, I don't think he fought one on one against them. He must have used some sort of trick to be able to fight against the Tiger Eagle Gang."

The guard nodded as he also thought the same and then turned his vision towards the beauties beside Lin Feng and licked his lips with a perverted expression on his face. He clearly displayed his desires, "Why don't you beatie-" He wasn't able to speak more as he felt a sword on his throat.

Lin Feng was looking towards him with a cold and indifferent expression, he spoke, "I am not in a good mood. Don't make me want to kill you. I don't think that the Auction will trouble itself to go against me for an insignificant guard like you." His words caused the guard to sweat heavily.

He felt as if he was watching the Death God standing in front of him, the Killing Intent that made his blood freeze, the power that made his body to become unresponsive. It was too terrifying to be on the receiving end. Lin Feng glanced towards the other guards and they were also terrified by his vision.

They stepped back in fear as they didn't want to anger this lord again. Lin Feng stepped back and brought Bai Qian and Su Yijun in his hug and started to move in the Sharp Eagle Auction Hall. Lin Feng was doing this to make the people around them realize that these were his women.

They should be prepared to die before speaking anything about them. Ximen Chen was carrying Ximen Bing in her arms and foll

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