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They were curious about the identity of this young man, they wanted to know, just what was his background to try and go against Young Miss Ye. Even Mu Quan turned towards Lin Feng, she smiled as she tried to use her appearance to convince him, she voice out, "I apologise Town Lord. I believe I already said that the auction would gift this Cultivation Manual to Miss Ye Yan. If you still insist on this Cultivation Manual then you can talk it out with Miss Ye Yan…"

Lin Feng heard her words and started to laugh, his voice thundered in the Auction Room, "Talk it out with Miss Ye Yan!? Why should I!? Is it because you decided to gift the technique!? Then why keep it as an item in the Auction!? Was it to let everyone witness your kindness and your sincerity in making friends with the Mirage Clan!?"

Before Mu Quan could say anything, Lin Feng heard an Arrogant voice, "It is because of the power of my Clan. You are just a Town Lord of this backwater place, you think you understand the difference between our status." Her voice angered Bai Qian and Su Yijun, they couldn't tolerate such disrespect towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng lightly chuckled, "Power, you think you are qualified enough to talk about power with me." He casually glared at her but it was different for Ye Yan. She felt huge pressure on top of her body, her eyes showed surprise that someone in this backwater place could actually pressurize her like that.

After some seconds, an old man neared her body as he cancelled out the pressure on Ye Yan. Lin Feng gazed at her with a cold expression on his face, "That's all you are...Without your family, you are useless!" He then turned towards Mu Quan and said, "And you, shut the fuck up about this bullshit of gifting the items. Abide by the rules of a Auction or I have no problem in taking every single item from this Auction. At that time, I won't talk with my words but rather my fists."

His words targeted the whole Sharp Eagle Auction Hall and greatly embarrassed them. Meanwhile, the elder that had cancelled out the pressure from Ye Yan looked towards Lin Feng and advised her, "Child, do not go against that person...I feel a mysterious energy from him and if he used it then even I won't be able to save you."

His words caused Ye Yan to be even more startled, she thought that since her Uncle had intervened, he would teach that brat a lesson but it seemed as if even he wasn't sure of taking on this boy. He was a First Stage of the King Realm Expert, she didn't think that he would hesitate before dealing with this boy.

She glanced towards her Uncle and had a displeased expression on her face, "Uncle, how can you just stand here and watch this Town Lord not giving our Clan any respect. He doesn't seem to respect our clan and is too arrogant for his own good."

Her Uncle sighed as he heard her words, he knew that he and those old geezers had spoiled her too much. Ye Yan didn't know with whom she should shake hands and with whom sh

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