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They both weren't the only ones to be benefitted from Lin Feng's pure Qi. Lin Feng also felt as if his Divine Ice Formula was absorbing the impure Qi from their body and his Dragon God's Bloodline was purifying it by converting the impure Qi to the Pure Qi.

It also caused his own cultivation to rise up by a significant amount as he could feel his own Realm advancing forwards without any breaks. He broke through to the 3rd Core of the Core Expanding Realm, the 4th Core of the Core Expanding Realm, the 5th Core.

His speed of cultivation finally slowed down when he reached the 5th Core of the Core Expanding Realm. He opened his eyes as he felt his speed of cultivation being slowed down. He looked besides himself as saw that both of the girls were sleeping by keeping their heads on his shoulder.

He looked outside and noticed it was already night time. He didn't realize the time while cultivating. He created two blanket like sheet with his Qi and wrapped both Bai Qian and Su Yijun within it. He slowly took them to the bed, being careful not to wake them up.

Although, he could create something simple with his Qi, currently it was still hard for him to use them on the battlefield, he could just make something similar to the techniques he knew that had made him very limited in the use of his Ice. He knew that he wasn't a match for a true master or someone that had at least studied the Ice techniques very carefully.

For now, he didn't want to care about that and smiled as he slipped in between them. He put both his hands on their back as they pulled them together near his body and started to close his eyes and sleep. A smile crept on both Bai Qian and Su Yijun's face as they were sleeping.


Lin Feng woke up and felt his hands touching something squishy, out of instinct, he squeezed the squishy thing as he opened his eyes. He turned his head towards the squishy item and saw that his hands were fondling the breasts of Su Yijun and Bai Qian.

He saw a smile on their faces and felt that the time had come to waken them up, he said in a light voice, "The time has come for the both of you to wake up. Or…" He then turned Su Yijun's body and she earned a tight slap on her big ass.


It made a very good noise and Su Yijun also let out a moan with very seductive expression, "Ah....." She rubbed her eyes and then looked towards Lin Feng. She was slightly embarrassed by her loud moan but Lin Feng's mouth went near her ears and lightly bit them as he said, "You are becoming even more sexy as the time passes…"

He then turned towards Bai Qian and said to Su Yijun, "Well, it's time for your Big Sister to wake up too. Tell me, how would you like me to wake her up?" Su Yijun had a bright red face as she imagined Bai Qian's ass being slapped by Lin Feng and loudly moaning his name.

Lin Feng saw her bright red face thinking something and felt as if she was too cute at this moment and didn't hold himself back as he closed the distance between their lips. Both of them finished kissing each other and Lin feng turned towards Bai Qian said to her in her ears, "Wake up sleeping beauty or do you want that slap on your ass as well."

It was as if Bai Qian heard his words and had a small reaction but she didn't open her eyes, Lin Feng detected that small movement and smiled as he remembered that Bai Qian was a M. He knew she liked some small amount of pain and it brought her pleasure.

He licked his lips and just turned her body and slapped her ass which caused a loud moan to escape from her mouth, "Ah...….More please…." Lin Feng suddenly stopped as he said to her in a serious tone, "No! Get up now. I want you both to start cultivating and finish stabilizing your cores by the time I come back. With the amount of energy busting in your body it shouldn't be a big deal."

He then looked towards Su Yijun and said, "My dear Yijun will definitely concentrate on her cultivation, right?" Su Yijun felt blissful a

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