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The man took him to a room filled with different kinds of attire. Lin Feng raised his eyebrows as he saw many clothes in this room.

He glanced at all the clothes in the room and smiled as he saw the one he wanted. It was a Black Shirt and Black Pants with a Black Cloak to be worn on top of his Shirt and Pants. The Cloak was very large and almost covered his whole body. He chose the set and decided to change on it, right now. He couldn't wait to try it.

When Lin Feng came out after changing his attire, Su Yijun was dumbstruck. She never saw anything so perfect in her entire life. The Black Cloak seemed to perfectly contrast with his white skin, it specially highlighted his Azure Blue Eyes which looked as deep as celestial ocean. It seemed as if the Cloak and the dress were specially made for him!

The sword on his back looked as if a Hero returning from a battle. He looked as if an Indomitable Commander returning from Battle. The light muscle on his body further enhanced his charm as girls really found it hard to look away. She blushed as his 'heroic aura' seemed to attract her very much.

Seeing the dumbstruck expression on Su Yijun's face, Lin Feng smiled. And, it seemed to have sent her in a trance as she couldn't take her eyes off him as her brain wasn't able to process his smile which made him look even more handsome.

She didn't even realize when Lin Feng reached near her and poked her forehead with his index finger, he asked her with a soft smile, "What? Can't take your eyes off me?"

Su Yijun didn't even realize but she nodded to his question. Lin Feng snapped his fingers and she re-entered the reality once again. She blushed as she felt his finger poking her forehead making her feel like a little kid in front of him. She pouted in a cute way and said, "Not my fault. You look really good in those clothes. I wonder why you wore those simple White clothes before."

Lin Feng smiled as he replied her, "Well, I didn't want to attract too much attention. Although, I don't want to do it now too. I just took liking to these clothes." Lin Feng had a smirk on his face as he replied to her.

Su Yijun nodded as she knew that he would definitely attract some attention in those clothes, right now he looked like the son of a noble man working in the Empire. She didn't think it was weird if anyone thought of him as a prince of an Empire. His looks and temperament were definitely enough to match the identity of the prince.

Lin Feng looked towards the old man and said, "You can deduct the contribution points for this dress." The Old man nodded and said to him, "I did take your 200 contribution points but since they weren't enough, I decided to take 300 contribution points from disciple Su Yijun here."

Lin Feng turned towards her as he expected a change in her expression but surprisingly there was no change, she just smiled at him, "Just think it a gift from Senior Sister. I even got 500 points thanks to you. Besides you can invite me to sometimes... as a payment."

Lin Feng nodded to her words as he realized that it would be like a date with her, watching her bashful expression, he was confident enough that she must at least have some feelings for him. Even though those feelings didn't reach to the level of lovers, but he knew that he was at least her friend which was a considerable development in their relationship.

He said to her, "Let's go out now. I think it would be nice to train together with Elder Qian." "Will she agree to let me train together with you? I mean she agreed at that time but is it really ok to train someone who isn't her own disciple?" She questioned him with a curious and disappointed expression on her face.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, "Don't worry about that. She will be happy to teach you with me. Besides, it would be better if we spar after learning some techniques from her and enhance our team work. It would have been bad if we couldn't fight against the beast

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