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Lin Feng was moving slightly behind Su Yijun and was watching her large ass swaying left and right, he licked the drool on his face as he imagined touching her but he controlled himself and continued to walk towards the forest.

Soon enough, they reached in front of the forest which was completely filled with green trees all over the place. All of these trees seemed very beautiful with a mysterious aura present on each one of them. Lin Feng was a bit astonished as he sensed that this place didn't have a great amount of Yin Qi but instead it contained a large amount of Yang Qi.

He knew that if he absorbed the Yang Qi in this forest then it would definitely let him reach the Core Expanding Realm but the problem was, he didn't have a single Yang Absorbing Cultivation Technique, that was why he couldn't attempt this at the moment.

He quietly followed Su Yijun as went deeper in the forest. It seemed as if she knew the way in the forest as she walked in the forest with a smile on her beautiful face.

Lin Feng just followed her but he felt an eerie feeling ever since he entered the forest and felt as if something was following them. It seemed like Su Yijun didn't sense anything like this and was moving very relaxingly.

Lin Feng didn't tell her anything and just continued to observe the surroundings around him as he followed Su Yijun, after moving for 15 minutes, they finally found a beast. It was a Scorching Black Dog. Su Yijun turned towards Lin Feng and said, "This beast is at the 5th Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Do you think you can take it on?"

Lin Feng nodded his head as he started jumping on his toes and did a small warmup, he looked towards the Scorching Black Dog and jumped towards it while using the Divine Ice Hands. He wanted to end this fight in one attack.

The Black Dog didn't feel the need to dodge the attack and continued to stand there as it released a huge torrent of flames from its mouth. Lin Feng kicked the ground and used the force to push himself up and gracefully jump behind the Black Dog.

Su Yijun was surprised to see this. She didn't think he would be able dodge that attack and was prepared to make move herself. Even she saw that his movements were slightly sluggish but his adaptability was something she had never seen in anyone before. She didn't think that she or her senior sister would have been able to react in that situation and would have just taken the attack head on.

Lin Feng was behind the Black Dog, the Black Dog turned it head so as to attack Lin Feng but he just poked its head and the Black Dog started to freeze.

Su Yijun staggered back as she saw this, she didn't think that he would be able to freeze the Black Dog just by touching it. She couldn't imagine the purity of Ice Energy to achieve this task. She looked at Lin Feng in a new light as previously she just thought that he was lucky to have become a disciple of Elder Qian and wanted to have connections with him but now, she wanted to know him because of his own ability.

At this time, her guard was completely down and suddenly a Dark Striped Panther attacked her. Lin Feng was observing that hidden beast for a long time and jumped towards Su Yijun, saving her from the claws of the Dark Striped Panther.

When Lin Feng held the body, his face smashed with her breasts as both of them skid on the ground with Lin Feng on top causing Su Yijun's top to be slightly torn apart. Her womanly smell made it way to his nose, he ignored this smell and stood up while glaring at the Panther.

He stretched out two fingers and said, "Let's see if you can survive this." He said this and suddenly two Long Icicles were formed on his fingers and extended till it scratched the flesh of the Panther.

Su Yijun saw that it was a Dark Striped Panther and felt that the cultivation Realm of this beast was even above her. She said to Lin Feng in an urgent voice, "Let's get out of here. It's no use fighting th

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