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Demon Emperors:

Crimson Emperor

Speciality Fire-> Power position-2nd

Jade Emperor

Specialty Body Defence- > Power Position 3rd

Yang Emperor

Yang Energy, High Vital Power -> Power position-1st

Yin Empress

Yin Energy, Death power -> power position-4th

Goblin (King) Emperor

High ability to reproduce -> Power position-5th, not really a Emperor, just filling the space after the 5th goblin King Died.


Cultivation Ranks


Foundation Establishment - 9 stages

Core formation

Core Expanding Realm (7 cores- Normal)

Nascent Soul Realm

King Realm

Emperor Realm

Sovereign Realm

Heavenly Sovereign

Saint Realm

Nirvana Realm - Hidden realm

Transcendent (no sub-realm)

Item Ranks: -

Common Grade

Earth Grade

Heaven Grade

Spiritual Grade - Spiritual also fell under the grade of Common, Earth, Heaven Grade. But mostly spiritual Grade items are categorised depending on their spiritual level.

Divine Grade - These type of items are mainly ranked based on their power of divinity they contained. Many Divine items worked differently depending on their function.

[Every Grades are again divided into another 7 Grade]

Character Sheet



Divine Ice Scripture

Divine Ice Hands

Divine Icicles

Freezing Bones




Lin Feng: Low Grade Spiritual Sword, Divine Ice Techniques...




Yreka Empire contains contains Ice Phoenix Sect and the Xiao Sect. The strongest Empire.

Galaellon Empire contains Nature Palace and the Sword Sect. It is closely behind the Yreka Empire.

Yaseka Empire contains Dual Essence Sect. The weakest of the Empires and with the least amount of territories.


Su Clan: The Clan of Su Yijun. Her father Su Yun is the leader of the River Forest Town which is strong enough to go against a capital city.


Ice Phoenix Sect: Lin Feng chose this sect as a foothold after coming to this world but some unknown things happened...

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