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Lin Feng had a dark expression on his face as he thought 'I don't know if this Bloodline will be blinding everyone, but I shall blind everyone with my own radiance. With my own strength and power.' His thoughts was very determined, he knew that if he wanted to really live in this world where only the power was revered.

Then he would have to reach the peak, otherwise, he would spend his life fearing the person stronger than him. He would fear because he won't be able to oppose that person, in front of strength, strategy is not useless but it's not very effective after a certain threshold.

Lin Feng knew this truth that is why he wanted to become the strongest person in the world. He won't let go of whatever advantage he could receive to become stronger than he was right now. Suddenly, the scenery started changing in front of his eyes and he was in the place which seemed to be filled with fire.

He was just shocked by one thing, the colour of these flames was Blue. Azure Blue Coloured Flames! Lin Feng heard the voice in his head once again, "The strongest flames in the entire cosmos. The Azure Blue Flames of the Dragon God… you are fortunate enough to witness these flames and have a chance to fuse with them."

Suddenly, his vision darkened as he wasn't able to see anything...he felt a very cold yet hot flame touching his body. It was cold because he could feel the right side of his body freezing while it was hot because he could also feel his left side of the body heating up.

He felt a huge amount of pain at this moment, so much pain that he wasn't able to even imagine in his dreams. It was as if both the Yin and Yang part of the energies were being pushed inside his body and were fighting with each other. He heard the voice, "This is your punishment for trying to act oversmart with me. Now suffer as you are completely absorbed by the flame."

Lin Feng gritted his teeth as he heard the voice, his whole body started to scream with pain. A terrifying aura pressured his whole body. His body was not touched in anyway but his soul started shiver with pain. He could almost feel parts of his soul being dismembered.

'Did I die? Is this where my journey ends? For what? For what reason did I come to this world. Why do I have to suffer so much when I didn't even do anything? Why do I have to suffer even if I do anything wrong? Did I not swear to become the Lord of this world? Did I not want to control the whole Universe? Then why? WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER THIS? Dragon God, or whatever shit can just fuck off!!'

The terrifying aura that was threatening his soul suddenly became ineffective. As if his whole being changed, a new determination, with much stronger and different started building up inside of him. He shouted as if to convey his will, "I AM GOING TO BE THE LORD OF THIS WORLD!! YOU THINK THIS IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME SUBMIT!?" His eyes changed to that of a Golden Colour and a Golden Dragon formed behind his body.

A soft voic

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