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The Dragon God's Beam dispersed away the clouds in the sky. It cleared every single cloud in the area of 10 kilometres and suddenly it's voice resounded in Lin Feng's ears, "I have used up the Temporary power I gained by swallowing the Dragon Spirit sealed inside the Sword. I left a small part of the Dragon in the sword."

The Dragon God slowly started to disappear in the air as if it didn't exist in the first place. Lin Feng understood what the Dragon God wanted to say and started thinking 'So, this sword had a spirit and the Dragon God swallowed that spirit and left it's young version in the sword. So, this sword is going to get stronger alongside me huh. Sounds like a pain, now I can't have an OP sword as my weapon. I wonder why did the Ice Phoenix Sect mistress put this Spiritual Sword in the Weapon Hall.'

He shook his head as he started to think about this very deeply 'The Ice Phoenix Sect Mistress shouldn't be oblivious to the fact that this is a Spiritual Sword. She must have not sensed that the entity inside the sword was a Dragon Spirit…'

Actually his thinking was in the right direction, the Sect mistress knew that this sword contained a spiritual intelligence but she wasn't able to use it for herself. Nor anyone in the sect was able to use it so she put it into the Weapon Palace of the Ice Phoenix Sect. As even if she couldn't use its Spiritual Powers, the sword's body was still at the peak of the Mortal Grade Sword.

She had seen her fair share of weak Spiritual Weapons and thought that this was also one of the weakest weapons so she put it in the Weapons Hall. When Lin Feng's blood had contact with the Sword, his Dragon God's Blood swallowed up the Dragon Spirit inside the Sword and regained some of its strength and was awakened in the form of the Heavenly Phenomenon.

Lin Feng slowly lowered down his altitude as he saw Shao Dong and the others still kneeling in front of him. He had a sharp and a very commanding presence as he ordered them, "Stand UP!" Shao Dong slowly looked upwards and saw Lin Feng looking over them with a commanding expression.

He could sense the power and the strength behind that order and started to stand up. It wasn't just him, all his men started to stand up as soon as they heard Lin Feng's order. When all of them stood up, they turned their vision to his body. They were slightly shocked that the bleeding had stopped and his body was completely healed.

But when they thought about the Heavenly Phenomenon of a few moments ago, their shock disappeared as if that Dragon had something to do with Lin Feng then this was not so surprising anymore. Lin Feng mirthfully smiled as he said, "So, as per the deal with Shao Dong. From no on, you all are going to be working under me."

All the men bowed down as they listened to his words and said, "YES, MASTER!" Lin Feng's mirthful smile changed to that of a cold smile as he ordered them, "The first task for you is to go and spread the news in the Village that Lin Feng has become the new Ruler of the Village. The second task is to have a complete jurisdiction over the village, I do not want a single person to leave the village and spread this word to anyone."

His expression was very ruthless as he added on, "If even a single person left the village other than me then I will choose 10 people randomly and kill them and their entire families. There should not even a scope of a single error in these tasks." The former Lion Eagle Gang were astonished as they heard his words.

It was because he had basically banned any exit from the village. Even though the village could support itself without having to lend on external support with the farms and the river nearby. This was instead a huge concerns for the people in the Lion Eagle Gang, just how could they have good quality weapons.

If no person was given permission to go out then he wouldn't be able to gather good materials, if there were no good materials then there won't b

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