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Bai Qian lightly nodded as she held him in her hug. She asked him in a curious tone, "When are we going to leave the sect?" Lin Feng thought about it for some few minutes and said, "We are going to leave in a few days. I, you and Su Yijun, I will try to convince her since I think she will agree to it if you also ask her to do so."

Bai Qian nodded as she was willing to help him convince Su Yijun. She could also see that Su Yijun seemed to think of her as an idol and it would be a lot easier to convince her.

She just didn't know how Su Yijun would react to her relationship with Lin Feng, but it seemed as if Lin Feng had already thought of something and said, "Don't worry about her. I will talk to her about this before inviting her to join us."

Bai Qian nodded her head as she trusted him and knew that he must have a plan. Lin Feng looked towards her and said, "Use all your contribution points that you have as an elder and buy as many weapons, preferably spears and armors. We should make use of your contribution points while they are still valuable."

Bai Qian was a little skeptical when she heard his words and said, "Alright, but wouldn't the sect be a bit suspicious if I take about 1000's of Spears and Armors from the Weapon Hall?" Lin Feng nodded and said, "Indeed, the sect will become suspicious of this."

"You will give away 50 of them to the outer disciples that are lowest ranked in the Outer Court and it will seem like an encouraging move of yours for them. This will definitely cause the sect to lower it's guard against you and we will have an opportunity to get out of the sect."

Bai Qian was surprised as she heard his answer because this would be perfect way for her to let the sect's guard down. She can easily give an excuse when she is questioned that she was going to give them all to the disciples that couldn't afford weapons and give them a chance for learning to fight with weapons. She started to feel a little mischievous, but if they are caught, she knows the result.

Lin Feng said one last thing before he went out of the house, "Buy all these weapons today and distribute 50 of them today and 50 of them tomorrow. These two days are enough for the sect to lower their guard against you and we will have a good opening to leave the sect."

Bai Qian nodded her head as she watched him leave the house. She went to take a bath and wear her clothes as she also left the house in the direction of the Weapon Hall.

Lin Feng went to the Outer Court where he saw Su Yijun standing alone under the shadow of a tree, he was slightly confused by this as he didn't know why she was alone right now. He approached her and greeted her, "Hey Sister Su Yijun."

Su Yijun smiled as she heard his voice and turned in his direction and greeted him back, "Hello brother Feng." Lin Feng asked her, "Why are you standing alone right now? Where are your friends?"

Su Yijun bitterly smiled as she said, "They weren't happy that I went ag

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