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Lin Feng saw his mysterious movements, they were a bit fun to look at as the Illusion Emperor was raising his hands and moving them in a funny way. Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. This was too weird and Lin Feng suddenly thought to himself 'So...should I wait for him to complete the required movements for his technique like some cliche characters do. Nah...never really liked that concept.'

He didn't even realize as his eyes turned golden and he brought out his sword from his scabbard. A very sharp glow was visible from the sword and it had a faint golden light on top of it. Lin Feng didn't know that this was the Sword Light which could only be used by someone who has some kind of inspiration or enlightenment in Sword Arts.

It was the most basic level where the Swordsman had an idea about how to use his Sword Light. Any ordinary cultivator only had a single Sword light with a very weak light which wasn't actually capable of killing or hurting anyone. But Lin Feng's Sword Light seemed different, it was because it's appearance was like it was a cluster of different Sword Lights that were beamed together in the same direction…

During the bloody fight with Eagle Lion Gang, Lin Feng gained some enlightenment on Sword Arts. But he himself was oblivious of this fact and didn't have any idea of Sword Light either. Although he started to fit in this world, there was many things which was unknown and not common to him.

It seemed as if the golden light was the brightest among the sword lights and it made oppressed the other colours and made the beam look golden. This Golden Sword Light was enough to distract the Illusion Emperor as he opened his eyes with a dumbfounded expression.

He was dumbfounded because a sword light also contained some basic element in it. And more astonishingly, this Sword Light mainly contained Pure Yang Energy. Previously, when Lin Feng made him get out of Ximen Bing's body, he thought that it was because of some sort of pure Yang Energy Treasure he possessed but he now knew, he knew that this was the boy who was the doom of the demons.

The Nine Yang Saint Body, the rarest Yang body with this constitution, he knew that this soul wouldn't stand a chance against this Yang Energy and wanted to disperse himself before he was killed by Lin Feng's Yang Qi, if he was killed due to his Yang Energy then his real body wouldn't even receive his memory.

But now, his real body would get the soul memory and he would know about Lin Feng. Even Lin Feng didn't know that this happened as he saw the Sword Light make a contact with Illusion Emperor's body. Even if he knew, he wouldn't have cared about this person. He wasn't going to be some low-key person, he was going to be very famous. So, famous that even those arrogant young master would think ten times before attacking him.

He then looked towards Ximen Bing and saw the 5 year old girl looking at him with a awestruck expression. She saw the golden li

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