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Her white cum was released in her pussy and it covered his dick, Lin Feng shivered in pleasure as he spanked her Ass once again. He then released her ass and tightly held her breast as he started to massage them and play them.

He didn't stop his thrusting inside his pussy and released his hot white semen inside her pussy. Su Yijun also shivered when his White Semen was secreted inside her walls of the pussy. After thrusting for some more time, he pulled out his dick and in a Bai Qian did a timely entrance as she entered the room without any clothes.

Lin Feng turned towards her and ordered, "Clean it." Bai Qian loved his tone of dominance and swayed her body as she reached near his body and took his dick inside her mouth and swallowed it whole.

She moved her tongue over his dick and cleaned his dick completely. After this hot sex, all three of them changed the sheets of the bed and started to sleep on the bed. Naturally, they didn't use both beds. Lin Feng was sleeping between them so his hands went towards their breasts and sometimes fondled them in his sleep and mumbled something.

The next morning, Lin Feng's morning started with feeling a huge amount of pleasure from the position of his dick and he hurriedly opened his eyes, he widened his eyes as he saw Bai Qian sucking him off with a lewd expression on her face, he put both his hands on her head as he let out his load inside her mouth.

Some of his semen dripped from her mouth as he looked at her expression and said, "Alright, you don't need to do it everyday. I was just kidding at that time. Don't take it so seriously." Bai Qian was a bit disappointed as she heard that and nodded her head. Lin Feng continued, "But I obviously don't mind it."

This caused Bai Qian's face to brighten up and Lin Feng turned towards the sleeping Su Yijun, he saw her sleeping with her ass towards him, he smacked her ass and said, "Wakey-wakey beauty."

Su Yijun was surprised by the smack and let out a moan from her mouth as she woke up while rubbing her eyes. All three of them took a bath one by one as they didn't wanted to have the sex so soon now and got ready. Lin Feng looked towards them and said, "From today, let's start our training."

From the yesterday's activities, he had formed his 3rd Core of the Core Expanding Realm while Su Yijun had entered the Core Formation Realm. Bai Qian didn't receive much of the benefit, it was just that her cores were more powerful with a stronger Qi contained within them.

Lin Feng said to them, "Cultivate peacefully in the room while I go out and conquer this town?" Both of his girls nodded as he went out of the room and went towards the reception of the inn. He looked towards the manager of the inn and asked him in an arrogant tone, "Is this inn of Yreka Empire or of Galaellon Empire."

He then shook his head and said, "No, it doesn't matter which empire. Call every single one of your member, I want to inform you all that I am the new Ki

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