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The feeling of his dick being inside her mouth felt the best! Her hot and soft tongue wrapped around his dick which specially made him shiver with pleasure. He enjoyed the view as some saliva dripped from her mouth. Just this lusty face made his boner harder.

He darkly said to her, "I am Cumming…"

His three days worth of load was released in her mouth, Bai Qian felt his warm and tasty sperm released in her mouth and hungrily gulped it. She still wasn't used to his tasty semen and wanted to completely drink it without wasting a drop.

But as if a dam has broken off, Bai Qian couldn't stop it and some of it spilled from her mouth as she gulped it quickly. After he cummed in her mouth, Lin Feng pulled out his hard dick and saw that it was quite dirty with the white semen on it. A strong manly scent filled the room. Bai Qian suddenly felt her temperature increasing by a few degrees.

He pushed his dick towards her face and ordered her, "Clean it!" Bai Qian happily used her tongue and licked the white semen on his hard dick. After she finished cleaning his dick, he ordered her, "Put your face against the wall and push out your ass towards me."

She did as she was told but she was quite embarrassed as she was in such a position, she shyly said to him, "Please do it quickly, it is embarrassing to remain in this position." Lin Feng directly ignored her words and spanked her ass and said in a domineering voice, "Shut up. Right now, you will do what I tell you to do. Get it."

He then spanked her ass once again as she released her moan, "Ah…"

He didn't do any foreplay and direct shoved his dick in her pussy. But Lin Feng underestimated the lewd Bai Qian as she was already sopping wet. "You pervert. You already became wet. Are you M?" Lin Feng questioned her.

Bai Qian didn't understand what M meant, but she was too occupied to ask what he meant. "You M, take this!" Lin Feng spanked her again as he started moving his waist in a to and fro motion. Bai Qian and Lin Feng, both of them felt a large amount of pleasure with his movement.


He spanked her once again as he said her in a commanding voice, "There is going to be a new rule. You are always going to suck me off and wake me up in the morning otherwise, I will spank your ass cheeks 5 times."

Bai Qian said in her pleasure, "Of course, I will do it. I will do anything you ask of me." He continued, "Agreeing so quickly, looks like you aren't scared of the punishment- HERE TAKE THIS!" He was interrupted as he released his load inside her pussy.

At the same time, she also released her cum in her pussy and her pussy filled started filling with his hot semen, she felt really warm inside her pussy and she felt him pulling out his dick from her pussy. Lin Feng didn't need to tell her and she knew what she had to do and lowered her head and put his dick in between the valley of her breasts as she started to clean his dick with her Breasts.

She couldn't use her mout

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