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Lin Feng stared at Bai Qian and waited for some moments before he said, "Qian'er, I want to get some Ice techniques and I don't know the way. Will you lead me there?"

Bai Qian looked at him with a blank expression as she said, "Alright, I guess. Since, you are tired because of helping me. I will lead you to the Phoenix Pagoda. Don't expect anything else."

Lin Feng whispered in her ears, "You think I need your permission to do anything." This caused her breath to get uneven as he used his other hand to grab her Left Breast and fondled it.

He commented, "Such softness and elasticity." He then let go of her breast and Bai Qian let out a breath in relief but she nearly yelled out when he grabbed her ass. He then said, "Now, let's go to this Phoenix Pagoda."

Bai Qian had a furious and an embarrassed expression on her face as he was gripping her large ass. He lightly hit her bottom with a slap and both of them started to walk towards the Phoenix Pagoda.

This Phoenix Pagoda was a Large building of 100 metres in height. There were 10 floors consisting different level of books. The highest level of the Phoenix Pagoda said to be containing Divine Ice techniques which were out of this world.


Both of them reached the Phoenix Pagoda and Lin Feng whistled as this Pagoda was simply awesome. The whole architecture was white in colour and he could also feel a faint Ice Aura from inside.

There was a large Ice Statue of the Ice Phoenix outside of the Pagoda and even Lin Feng was marvelled at this architecture. He didn't think that there was anything close to this in his previous world.

He stared at the Ice Phoenix for some time before he neared the Phoenix Pagoda with Bai Qian leading him. They were stopped by two disciples that seemed to be the elder disciples of the Ice Phoenix Sect. Both of them turned towards Lin Feng and said, "Stop! Show your Badge."

Lin Feng turned towards them and pulled out his Badge and threw it towards them, both of them caught the badge and then looked towards his face, "So, a new disciple here. Pay us 100 golds and then go inside the Phoenix Pagoda."

Bai Qian frowned as she heard their words and remembered the conditions and turned towards those senior disciples and spoke, "When was it that the sect made the disciples pay 100 gold coins? Why didn't I hear about such a rule? Or are you putting those gold coins in your pocket."

The disciples were frightened as they heard her words and didn't think that the elder would have minded much if they took some gold coins from a new disciple. They were used to bullying disciples in front of Elders and the elders would turn a blind eye to it. How could they know that Bai Qian would interfere this time.

Bai Qian turned towards Lin Feng and said, "Let's go inside. There is no need to make them feel important."

Ling Feng was mesmerized by what he saw inside. Inside the first level of Phoenix Pagoda, it was filled with books. They were all f

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