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They slept in each others embrace till evening and Lin Feng said to her, "Bai Qian should have returned home now. Let's go and meet her." Su Yijun opened her eyes as she looked at his handsome face and nodded her head. She knew that she would have to meet her sooner or later and it would be better to meet her sooner.

Both of them wore their clothes and got out of the house, and started moving towards Bai Qian's house who had already bought the spears and armors and distributed 50 of them to some of the lower ranked disciples and said some encouraging words to them.

Her actions were monitored by an elder from the inner court of Sect and he still remained slightly suspicious of her behaviour but it wasn't on the level before, he didn't go and monitor her house.

Lin Feng and Su Yijun entered the residence of Bai Qian, they entered her bedroom and saw her sitting on the bed, likely waiting for them to return. Bai Qian turned towards Su Yijun and saw her expression, she could also smell a Lin Feng's smell her body and knew that Lin Feng and Su Yijun had made love with each other.

She smiled towards Su Yijun and softly said, "Looks like this rascal has conquered you too." Su Yijun was nervous and didn't get the meaning behind her words as she shook her head and said, "No, I was the one who suggested we do it."

Bai Qian started laughing as she said, "I didn't mean it in a negative way. You don't have to worry about that. Relax a bit." Su Yijun heard her words and was slightly embarrassed because of her misunderstanding. Lin Feng put on hand around Su Yijun slim waist and another hand snaked his way to Bai Qian's slim body.

He pulled both of them together to his body and said, "You both are my women, so be more relaxed around each other. Alright, I will leave the room now, talk to each other and clear any misunderstanding that you might have about each other."

He left the room and let both of them talk it out with each other, Bai Qian stared at Su Yijun and said to her, "As you must have known, we are both his women and he has said that many more will join in the future. Tell me, are you okay with this? Because I am okay with this."

Su Yijun stared at her with a surprised expression, she didn't think Bai Qian, the one who was so talented would be okay with something like this, she asked her, "Why?" Bai Qian smiled in a mysterious way and said, "He is too talented, do you know that he has both Yang and Yin attributes within his Physique? If I am right, then his physique is the rare Yin-Yang Divine Physique that has the capability of manipulating both the Yin and Yang."

"He is set to become someone great so there is no chance that he will just have one woman, he will have multiple women but he has promised me that he won't neglect any of us. And I, I believe in him. I believe that he will take care of and won't neglect any of us otherwise he could have just left the sect alone without taking us. He knows that it isn't

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