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Bai Qian groaned as she heard his voice, her body was already very tired and the amount of rest that she had taken wasn't enough to let her regain her complete strength. She looked towards Lin Feng and said to him in a disappointed expression, "I am sorry husband. But I am very tired right now. It is perhaps breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm. I feel as if a good rest is necessary."

Lin Feng nodded as she went towards the bed and laid down on the bed and started sleeping. However since, Lin Feng wasn't finished right now, he turned towards Su Yijun who was standing there with a nervous expression on her face. She bit her lip as she said to him in a dissatisfied voice, "I am sorry Brother Feng."

Lin Feng was slightly confused as he heard her words and inquired her, "Why?" She replied to him, "It's because I cannot satisfy you like Sister Qian can." Lin Feng slightly laughed at her words and this caused her to be even more embarrassed.

He neared her body and pulled her extremely close to himself and looked into her eyes and said to her with a smile tugged on his face, "Idiot, haven't you ever saved the best meals for the last?" His simple sentence caused her to smile and touched.

He ordered her with a lot of domination in his voice, "Suck me off now!" She bent down and put her face on top of his dick and gave him a very thorough blow job. It was unknown if this was because she wanted to prove herself or because of Lin Feng's words which had touched her.

For the whole night, the room was filled with the pleasurable moans of Su Yijun while she gave him titty fuck. He fucked her pussy 6 times in a row and then also finally took the virginity of her ass. Before sleeping, he pecked her lips and put his hands behind her head and said to her in a soft voice, "Alright then, from now on. You both will come with me and rule this village as their queens."

(A/N: Sorry guys that the scene with Su Yijun was so short but I thought that I have already added many details about the sex scenes that there won't be any need for this one. But if you want this scenes added then tell me in the comments, I will write a scene for this.)

Su Yijun was quite surprised as she heard his words, she didn't even know what he meant by ruling the village but she didn't care. She just wanted to remain like this with her head on his chest. His hands would roam to her ass and fondle them for some time until they were satisfied before they returned to the back of her head.

She was used to the movement of his hands and after some time, she felt pretty comfortable by this. In the morning, all three of them woke up together and joined each other into their morning shower.

Lin Feng was sitting on the side of the tub while both Su Yijun and Bai Qian had lustful expressions on their faces while Su Yijun was sucking his dick in the valley of the breasts of Bai Qian. He bathe them with his semen and their faces were covered with his white semen.

They licked the semen from each other's faces as they didn't want to waste a single drop of this divinely tasty thing. After *ahem* four rounds of sex, they finally calmed down and started to properly get cleaned. Bai Qian and Su Yijun personally dressed Lin Feng as they also wore their own dress. For today, Lin Feng had asked both of them to wear an official dress as he would take them outside.

All three of them went out of their Inn and Lin Feng looked around and saw many men standing around the inn. It was as if they were protecting someone. Shao Dong stood in front of him with a neutral expression on his face.

His facial expression did change as he saw two women with Lin Feng and slightly bowed his head in front of them as he asked Lin Feng about them, "Lord, who are these ladies?" Lin Feng's hands went around their waists and pulled them together towards him and said, "Both of them are my wives. They are also the queens of this town."

Suddenly Lin Feng's voice turned s

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