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He also pulled up the top of Su Yijun and saw that there was indeed a Silver Dragon Pattern on her body but it was very faint. So faint like she couldn't absorb the energy of the Heavenly Phenomenon. He knew that he would have to ask them when they woke up and went towards one of the corners in the room and started cultivating.

He was in a slight hurry right now because he could feel an energy inside of him bursting with excitement. It was as if he had such a large amount of energy that he couldn't keep in his body for long. He sat down and calmed down his mind as he started to enter in the cultivation state.

He quickly revolved the Divine Ice Scripture and the Energy bursting inside his body were sent to the cores that he had already formed to make them even more powerful. This was a very large amount of energy so Lin Feng also Split the remaining energy into four parts and started to form 4 more Cores with that energy.

He had his complete concentration on the formation of those cores and didn't realize the time passing. 4 hours passed away when he was finally finished making those 4 more cores inside his body and also strengthening the 5 cores that he already had.

Right now, he didn't know that he had created his own legend by making 9 Cores! This was something which was unprecedented even in the ancient times as after the 7 Cores, the dantain was so full that any cultivator couldn't make the space to make another one, let alone two cores!

His advantage of having the 9 Cores was that these Cores would provide him greater and much stronger Qi to fight against a normal Core Expanding Realm Expert. He could also fight against some weak Nascent Soul Realm experts. The most important advantage was that then he would break through to the Nascent Soul Realm and break his Cores and condense that much power to make his Nascent Soul.

It will be the strongest Nascent Soul history has ever seen. The strongest there ever was and the strongest there would be. The process for the formation of the Cores went as smoothly as it could without much problems. After 4 hours, all his cores were completely full of energy. The strongest type of the energy with the most quantity in his dantain.

Even he wasn't able to gauge his real strength right now. It was as if he could destroy a mountain with his full strength. He knew that this was the side effect of the quick breakthrough which was making him feel these effects. He had a determined expression as he thought 'CONDENSE!'

The whole energy that was bursting with life suddenly compressed and was stored in the cores. Lin Feng opened his eyes and his dick went hard as he saw Bai Qian stretching her arms as she stood up from her bed. Bai Qian didn't know what Lin Feng did last night. Her large exposed breasts were a great treat for his eyes as his dick twitched before it grew to its full length.

It wasn't just Bai Qian, even Su Yijun woke up from her sleep. Her snow white body was full

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