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Wei Fu and his group staggered back as they heard his cold and ruthless words. Even Su Yijun beside him was surprised by his cold and ruthless words. Wei Fu tried to save his own dignity in front of Su Yijun and said, "You think you are capable enough."

Lin Feng didn't even bat his eyes before saying, "You can try me, but be ready to face the consequence." Wei Fu staggered a few steps back. From Lin Feng's words, he can at least deduce this. He seemed extremely confident. But still he refused to believe he can't fight against this new disciple that recently entered the sect.

Fatty Liao Hai saw their exchange and spoke, "You are just a kid who joined the sect. Brother Wei Fu is a Senior disciple of the outer court. Very soon he will enter the inner court. Laughable, you think you can match up to him?!"

It was Su Yijun that moved in front of Lin Feng, she glared at Wei Fu and said to him in an annoyed tone, "Wei Fu, leave me alone now. I have already rejected you multiple times. Do not annoy me and Brother Lin Feng again."

Wei Fu heard her talk and turned towards Lin Feng and spoke to him with a sneer on his face, "Is this where your confidence comes from? Letting a woman fight for you." Lin Feng lightly gave him a cold smile and said, "Shut it, if you have the capability then make a woman fight for you. You are just pathetic."

His words triggered Wei Fu as his face boiled with anger. He looked towards Su Yijun standing in front of Lin Feng and he knew that he wouldn't be able to hurt him if she protected him right now. Even though he was together with his group, they wouldn't be able to defeat Su Yijun since she had stronger techniques than them and her control of Ice Energy was also better than them.

Wei Fu hatefully stared at Lin Feng and challenged him, "Right now, sister Su Yijun had protected you. But wait for one month, in a month, all the outer disciple will participate in the tournament. She won't be able to protect you at that moment."

He looked towards his own group and said, "Let's go everyone." Lin Feng watched him turn around as he started to leave the place, he said, "Interesting challenge, then I don't think we will be able to fight each other...."

His words made everyone around him think that he was scared except for Su Yijun as she had seen his strength when they went in the Moonlight Forest and saw him killing the beasts. But she also wondered what he meant by his words.

Lin Feng continued, "Because I will become an Inner Disciple by then. I have already broken through to the Core Formation Realm. So, good luck in your cultivation." With that he held Su Yijun's hand and took her to the Bai Qian's Elder Office.

Behind him, Wei Fu and his group turned around and stared at him with a dumbfounded expression, they didn't think that this new disciple had actually reached the Core Formation Realm. Even Su Yijun was slightly shocked when she heard that he had broken through to the Core Formation Realm but then she remembered the techniques and the power he released in the forest and understood that it wasn't a power that could be used by a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

They reached the Bai Qian's office and opened the door to her office even though Su Yijun was hesitant to open the door without knocking but she followed his lead and entered the office.

Bai Qian heard the sound of their footsteps and opened her eyes, she was surprised to see Lin Feng standing there with Su Yijun. What surprised her even more was his outfit. She blushed as soon as he eyes went on his body and saw how the outfit seemed to perfectly match his body.

She calmed down her feelings as she was in front of Su Yijun and she didn't want to get anyone suspicious of her relationship with Lin Feng right now. She smiled at both of them and spoke, "So, what made you both come here?"

Su Yijun was very nervous in front of her so Lin Feng stepped forward and said to Bai Qian, "I was wonderin

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