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Masaki Masaru woke up after a great headache and looked around here and there. He started thinking 'Where am I right now? Didn't I just fall from the building while reading that Dragon Ball Super manga?'

He heard some screams from inside his house and went into the house. He was shaken up with what he saw inside his house. A man with crow like feathers killing the people in the house.

The whole house was painted red with blood, he heard a woman shouting towards him with a worried expression on her face, "Feng'er, what are you doing here? Get out of this place."

It seemed as if the man who was killing them heard her words and turned towards Masaru, he had a feral grin on his face and said, "So, here you are. I didn't think that you would survive that attack but it looks like your Bloodline is more shocking than I thought of."

Masaru narrowed his eyes as he listened to the words 'Bloodline!' He thought 'From his words, it seems as if I am born in some great clan and it is on the brink of massacre because of my Bloodline.'

He further thought 'So, I have been reincarnated. Good, just amazing. From what I have read in the manga and those novels, there are very few worlds which don't have the harems in them. So, that means, I can even form my own harem in this world. Great, its like wish being fulfilled!'

He analysed the guy in front of him and tried to conjure up the strongest image he could find so that he could awaken his Bloodline, from the many novels he read, matters like awakening vastly depended on pressure and imagination.

He closed his eyes as he remembered the death of his parents in his previous life. He imagined that this man was the one who killed his family, he felt rage building within him and a strong energy started to gather around him. An ancient energy which was so powerful that the man felt some difficulty to stand in front of Masaru.

A strong amount of Slaughtering aura filled the whole room and the black winged guy looked towards Masaru with some fear in his eyes. What he saw next shocked him out of his life, he saw the boy releasing golden eyes and a Dragon's Figure graced behind him.

He understood that this wasn't some Bloodline whose power he could comprehend but something else entirely, this was something which was much more terrifying. He slowly spoke, "You… who are you?"

It seemed as if the Dragon heard his question and replied to him, "I, who reappeared shall bring Creation and Destruction in this world. I am the beginning and I shall be the end. I am the good and I am the Evil. I am the Devil and I am the God. I am the Creation and Destruction graced over this Universe, the Dragon God of Creation and Destruction."

Every word seemed as if something natural but the an unbearable amount of pressure was exerted on the guy's body as he threw up a large amount of blood. He knew that it was impossible to survive here from this and said with some regret in his voice, "I regret taking this mission…"

It seemed as if Masaru was also conscious when the Dragon was speaking and he also heard it's words, he started thinking 'Good, Looks like whatever cheat I have. It is the strongest in this world. If not the strongest, it should be one of the peakest power in this world cause no Dragon would be great enough to call itself the Dragon God in the world.'

The Dragon started gathering a large amount of energy in its mouth and two word echoed through the space, Heavenly Destruction. This Energy was extremely pure and annihilated everything in its path. A large amount of power swept through a area and it destroyed the everything within 50 kilometres of radius.

Everything in between the 50 kilometre radius was annihilated by the Heavenly Destruction. After everything was destroyed, Masaru felt as if he was even more powerful than before. His mind worked up on the theory that maybe he had absorbed the energy of all the people in this area which caused them to turn t

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