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Lin Feng was still unconscious as his body was flying up in the air, what was astounding was that around his body was a very long body which was covering him from the sky. It was as if it was hiding him from the eyes of the Heavens. The hundred metres long body of the Golden Dragon was very majestic with Golden Coloured Scales in which the Golden Light was flickering.

The Red Eyes looked very intimating, it was to the level that the Shao Dong, even with their extraordinary will power weren't able to raise their head and look into the eyes of the Dragon. It was like the Dragon was showing it's supremacy over these humans and letting them know of it's noble status and it's heavenly strength.

The Golden Dragon stared at Lin Feng's body for some time before it sent a strand of its energy in Lin Feng's body. Suddenly, the clouds roared as if it had finally sensed this Heavenly Phenomenon and was angered that this Dragon dared to appear in the world once again.

The colour of the sky changed and it turned into that of Blood Red Colour. A strong Slaughtering Aura showered upon Lin Feng and every cultivator in the Town. Shao Dong all his men residing in the Town felt this huge pressure targeting everyone and knew that their time had come to an end.

Every single one of the men knew what was ahead, their own death. But they didn't feel any regret, they didn't feel any sadness of their doom in front of them. They knew that what was going to happen wasn't because of their actions so why would they feel regret?

When they swore to fight for the Empire, didn't they knew that one day they could perish without accomplishing anything. They knew it and still wanted to fight. For these years, they have seen multiple death of their comrades, deaths of their loved ones but they had held on. Now that the Heavens wanted them to die, just what could they do to oppose it. None!

They were all ready to peacefully accept the Heaven's attacks and die but suddenly they heard a Loud Dragon's Roar that seemed to have opposed the heavens. It directly clashed it's Golden Aura with the Red aura of the Heavens and cancelled out any aura exerted on the cultivators in the Eagle Cliff Town.

This was the turning point for everyone in the Town. No matter who that person was, they were shocked to feel an Aura directly clashing against the Heaven's Aura and actually cancelling it's pressure. It was as if it refused to be accept the fact that Heavens wanted to destroy it.


The Dragon roared in a ear shattering voice which shook every single continent of this world. Many Mountain and hills cracked. The Clouds suddenly scattered apart and it was like this Dragon's Roar split up the will of the heavens. But it seemed as if the Heavens were also very angered by this Roar and the clouds thundered up once again.

The Red Aura of the Heavens started to condense into the form of the Heavenly Lightning, 1000's of B

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