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Ximen Chen didn't want to trouble Lin Feng and raised her voice, "Please do not be troubled by this. Just hide us somewhere with minimum care. I believe that is enough of protection that we would require." To this, Lin Feng shook his head.

"No. Just now, I have already promised your daughter that I would protect her, I will also protect you so you both will stay with me. You can live in my villa as I and my wives haven't moved in there yet." Lin Feng was looking towards Ximen Bing with a loving expression on his face.

"But-" Ximen Chen was a little surprised when she heard he said wives, but thinking again, it was nothing strange. Even if he looks young, in the end he is the Town Lord. Having one or two wives and multiple concubines should be nothing special.

Lin Feng didn't let Ximen Chen continue as he cut her at once with a sharp expression, "I have already decided and promised to take of Bing'er. Do you want to say, I should break my promise? It's already decided, follow me." Lin Feng didn't wait for her response as he neared Ximen Bing and carried her in his arms.

He felt her light body in his strong arms and Ximen Bing also hugged him back as she took in his scent. She felt a bit sleepy since the extraction of the Demon Emperor and put her head on top of Lin Feng's chest and started sleeping in his arms.

From the tone of his voice, Ximen Chen knew it was impossible to change Lin Feng decision. She started to follow Lin Feng to the villa in the town. Lin Feng went outside the office room and called out to some random man in his gang and asked him to lead the way for the villa.

He didn't know which was the Tiger Eagle Gang's leader's villa. Ximen Chen walked behind Lin Feng as she glanced at his young but broad back from time to time. He exuded an Aura which makes her feel she is being protected and nothing can possibly harm her.

Lin Feng went inside the Villa and saw that it was pretty cleaned. The Villa had two floors with one being filled with many normal and guest rooms. The floors seemed to shine as if made anew. Lin Feng wondered whether it was a normal villa or not.

On the Second floor, there were Nine Bedrooms excluding the Master Room. Lin Feng naturally ignored the other rooms as he was going to use the Master room. The Master Room had a King Sized bed. The sheet used on the bed looked extremely soft. Just feeling the softness with his hand made him feel a little lazy.

There was a long bathroom connecting with the room. After checking everything on the room Lin Feng felt satisfied and decided to live in this Villa before he finds a better one or move to another city. One the first Floor, he found a bath which looked like a Royal Baths from his world. A scene involuntarily came to his mind.

A Royal Bath, filled with Royal Beauties, some washing their body while some washing his body. Blood rushed to his face as he had that thought and he controlled himself in front of Ximen Chen and Ximen Bin

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