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three of them went inside the inn. But Lin Feng didn't notice the hateful glare of a young child of 6 years old towards the place where Lin Feng was standing previously.

His expression was very cold as if colder than ice, he looked towards the corpse of his father and pledged inside his heart 'Just you wait father. I will make this Lin Feng REGRET to ever kill you. I will kill him. Destroy him.' It was already very hard for him to control his feelings within himself and not lash out at Lin Feng.

He didn't realize that a mark on his forehead was glowing white and slowly disappeared without a trace. It was as if it was never there… The boy rushed towards his house and started punching the walls of his house and releasing his frustration. He was frustrated that he couldn't help his father, he couldn't save his father and most of all, he couldn't stand a stand against that monster Lin Feng.

He was angry at Lin Feng but he was as angry at himself for being a coward. He kept punching and suddenly the wall broke. He didn't notice his body glowing with a faint white light but he felt something inside him burning. The desire to make everything right. The desire to bring peace to this world and killing these monsters like Lin Feng.

While, this was happening in his town, Lin Feng had laid down on the lap of Bai Qian and talking with a smile on their faces. He told her about his Nine Cores and Bai Qian was very surprised as she heard about that and felt happy. She wanted her man to be strong, stronger than anyone in the world.

Su Yijun was sitting in front of him and was massaging his body. From his legs to his toes… RIght now, he was so comfortable that he couldn't even describe it. But as they say, all good things must come to an end…

Someone knocked on their door and he heard the person say, "Sir, I have a very important request. Can I come in?" Lin Feng was about to say no but Bai Qian put her finger on his lips as she said, "Come in." She said this because she didn't want his respect to be decreased in the village.

She knew that he didn't care about these people and he wouldn't care if they badmouthed him but it hurt her. She didn't want someone to bad mouth her husband that was why she thought it would be a good idea to at least hear the problem.

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