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Lin Feng started speaking to the whole crowd, "Everyone, I, Lin Feng am the lord of your Town. I have taken over this town by destroying the Tiger Eagle Gang and at the same time conquering the Lion Eagle Gang. I haven't taken over this town to have a great ambition so as to make your life better. NO! My ambition is to rule. TO RULE ON THIS HEAVEN AND EARTH FROM NOW ON!"

He had a cruel and evil expression on his face as he glared at every single person gathered around there, he said, "I won't hinder your freedom in the village but you are absolutely restricted to leave the village for an Year. There shall be no contact with the outside world for an year. I do not care about your excuse, about whatever family condition. My word is final! The meeting is over now!"

A large amount of people raised their voices against his words, they didn't want to be ruled by someone. Who wants to lose their freedom? Some of them felt that death was a better option than to live under him. Some of them directly picked up stones and threw it towards Lin Feng standing on a higher platform right now.

What they didn't expect was that Lin Feng was waiting for these radicals to act up, he knew that every place had their own radicals, their own rebels that opposed any sort of change. He knew that he would have to remove them from the root so this was also an extremely good method to find out about their identities.

He didn't care that if they picked up the stones due to peer pressure or what. But he did know that since he could pick up a stone right now, then he could also pick up a sword and have the ambition to go against him too. He knew that it wouldn't be worth it to let these radicals revelop in his small town and destroy these weeds before they took out his whole crop.

He stretched out his finger and suddenly 5 Icicles were formed and were thrown towards the 5 people that threw the stones towards him. They died so quickly that some of the people weren't able to register what happened. It was too fucking fast.

Many of the people that were about to join them in throwing the stones were dumbfounded and a deep fear entered their bones. They knew that if they had done the same, their bodies would also be frozen like that the men, now bodies.

It was a very intimidating sight for the normal inhabitants to bear, even though they had seen the deaths of the soldiers fighting everyday. This was the first time they saw someone killing a normal person so easily without providing a single explanation.

Deep inside their hearts, they knew that there was some fault of the men that picked up the stones but they since they were also in the same boat they couldn't say that the people were wrong. Lin Feng sat back on his seat and then said to them, "Let's go back. I just came here to introduce the both of you to your subjects and wanted to say something to the inhabitants here."

Everything looked normal as he said those words to both of them. Those three of them went inside the inn. But Lin Feng didn't notice the hateful glare of a young child of 6 years old towards the place where Lin Feng was standing previously.

His expression was very cold as if colder than ice, he looked towards the corpse of his father and pledged inside his heart 'Just you wait father. I will make this Lin Feng REGRET to ever kill you. I will kill him. Destroy him.' It was already very hard for him to control his feelings within himself and not lash out at Lin Feng.

He didn't realize that a mark on his forehead was glowing white and slowly disappeared without a trace. It was as if it was never there… The boy rushed towards his house and started punching the walls of his house and releasing his frustration. He was frustrated that he couldn't help his father, he couldn't save his father and most of all, he couldn't stand a stand against that monster Lin Feng.

He was angry at Lin Feng but he was as angry at himself for being a coward. He kept punch

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