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Of course, no one among them said anything, they had been together for so long, saved each others lives. They were brothers that had strengthened their bonds through Life and Death battles. Even Lin Feng smiled as he saw their loyalty, there were very few things he respected.

And the loyalty among the Brothers through Life and Death was one of them… He slowly said with a light smile on his face, "Hahaha… you all are very good. You have a great loyalty towards your leader. I am impressed." This lightened up the serious atmosphere in the air and his voice suddenly turned serious as he said, "But…"

His words caused every one of them to look forward to as to what he wanted to say. He slowly continued, "That loyalty isn't without its own disadvantages. Like this…." He picked up a random man from the ground and his grin turned a bit cold as he said, "How can the leader of your group watch the members being tortured because of him…?"

He had a light tone in his voice as he said, "Now, I have a question for you. Will you save your Leader or will your Leader come forward or not? Interesting, right?" He started laughing in a loud voice as he used the power of his cultivation base used the Divine Ice Hands.

The man's body started freezing as he started screaming loudly, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....." This scream was because the man could feel the insides of his body slowly freezing up due to the Ice Qi within Lin Feng's Qi.

This loud scream startled everyone, every single one of his friends. They looked down and didn't seem to have any intention of speaking the Leader's name. It seemed as if they had decided to not speak the name of their leader as they knew that he might be killed.

They were sad, angered because they couldn't save their brother, brother with whom they had fought on the battlefield. This young boy was actually killing their brother and they weren't able to save him. But there was a single one among the whole army that didn't feel angered, instead, he felt guilty.

Why guilty? It was because his men, his brothers were about to be tortured by this demon in human's skin. He didn't even know why they were all fighting against this kid. He just heard the Manager of the Inn blowing out the whistle and calling out for their help.

It was the deal of the Lion Eagle Gang with the Inn so that they could have a place to stay without paying anything. It was a good deal as they just had to take care of anyone creating trouble for the manager.

Actually, this Lion Eagle Gang was under the army of the Yreka Empire but since their continuous conflict with the Tiger Eagle Gang, the former division of the army under the Galaellon Empire.

Both of these gangs were angered that their Empires started ignoring them and both of these gangs tried to conquer this town. But the other gang would interfere and they weren't successful in conquering the whole town.

Right now, the leader grit his teeths as he watched a middle ag

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