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It took about a day for the Lin Feng and the duo to finally reach the Eagle Cliff Town while flying in the air. On the way, they encounter some beasts, Lin Feng and Su Yijun took this chance to train themselves by fighting with these wild beasts. At the same time, they collected resources by the killing the beasts.

The resources such as their fur, flesh, teeth and their bones were all stored away because Lin Feng knew that these things would sell for a high value. Even if they weren't of high value, the quantity would make up for the quality and they would be able to comfortably live with the money earned from selling these.

When they reached the town, it seemed to be a very calm town with a dense qi within the town. The Qi here was different as he could sense that the Yang Qi was in excess while the Yin Qi was less in the air. In the Ice Phoenix Sect, it was the opposite, the air had a great amount of Yin Qi while a minute amount of Yang Qi.

It made it very easy to cultivate the Yin Qi in the sect and have early advancement but it also made the Qi very weak to the Yang Qi. It was because the Qi used in the bodies of the cultivators was the combination of the Yin and Yang Qi, if one cultivated Yin Qi they tend to ignore the other one.

Such as Yin cultivators only cultivating their Yin Qi, which keeps their Yang Qi impure and even when they think their foundation is solid but actually they were imbalanced from the start. Obviously to them, it was extremely hard to achieve breakthrough after a certain amount of time.

Normal cultivators didn't realize this problem as it was a problem within their very own technique. Only a few genius or those from higher level clan maybe knew about this. Lin Feng had a perfectly balanced Yin-Yang body so he was different from the Normal Cultivators.

His women also enjoyed the benefits as Lin Feng's Qi had a union with their Qi and purified their body and energy everytime they made love.

Lin Feng looked towards the duo and said, "Alright then, let's go to an inn and start our new life here." Su Yijun and Bai Qian nodded their heads as they were quite excited right now.

They roamed in the Eagle Cliff Town as they searched for an Inn. Finally, after roaming for around 15 minutes, they found an inn named Tiger Eagle Inn. Su Yijun was excited when she saw this inn and ran inside the inn without even waiting for Lin Feng and Bai Qian to catch up to her.

Lin Feng had a gentle smile on his face as he watched her running around excitedly, his eyes roamed in the surrounding and saw a Lion Eagle Inn right in front of the Tiger Eagle Inn. He understood that these two inns were most probably either business partners or enemies.

He was excited as he knew that the Empire ignored this town, he knew that he could cultivate here quite peacefully after conquering this town with his strength. He knew that if he conquered this town, then he would be like a ruler of the village and he could do an

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