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marybethgriggs > The Other Side of the Mask > 55 Chapter 55: Auditor's Job
By that time, it's already night and most people have returned to their rooms. I slink around like a cat. Even the elders have slept. I smile. Taking one of that sassy woman's hairpins, I pick the lock and enter the main room. Then, I pick the lock of the elders only room. I am greeted by rows and rows of bookshelves, and a much grander room than the already-big-enough main room.

Scrolling through the library until like 2 am, I finally settle back into the sleeping quarters. Apparently, XiaoLong is kept in the dungeon right now. I'll rescue him tomorrow, I think to myself.

I wake up to the loud chattering outside my door.

"Oi, 2745, you awake?"

I immediately recognized the voice as the one from the main room yesterday.

"One sec," I command, mimicking the voice of the woman.

After caking my makeup on, I saunter out feeling in a good mood and into my job of acting.

"Hey, 2745!"

I memorize the numbers on the three standing outside the door. 1111, 2233, and 1212. Easy! I walk with them towards the cafe, choosing my words carefully.

"Ugh! The elders pushed all the work on us now that they have prisoners to torment!" 1212 complains.

"Yeah, and now we have more work to do because one of them escaped! Ugh!" another agrees.

I chuckle inwardly. What would they do if they realized the escaped prisoner is disguised as their friend and threw their actually snobbish friend into a barrel into the ocean?

A question from 2233 came directed at me, "2745, you're rather quiet today?"

I clear my throat, "Ah, my throat is unnaturally sore these days."

2233 gives me a weird look and turns away. My heart starts to pound. Did I say something weird?

1111 puts her arm on my shoulder, "Haha, how can you, who spends so much time taking care of your appearance…"

I put up a sassy attitude and glare at him.

I puff up my chest, "Of course I would!"

After breakfast, I am introduced to the main hall. A glass roof sparkling bright covers the hall and countless pirates gather at the counters, discussing. In the middle, is the quest board. I take a deep breath.

I walk up to the counter and stand, following the 'friends'. A pirate suddenly comes up.

"Hey, this girl. I'd like to do this job," he slams his hand down with a quest.

I bow and look under the counter. Sneaking glances over at other people, I pull out a form for the pirate to sign. Suddenly, his eyes fill with rage, and I feel his hand coming up to me with a slap.

I allow the slap to hit, and I fall backwards. However, my eyes are unclouded and stare back at the pirate, wondering what I did wrong. He doesn't seem quite strong. I can take him on if I want to. 1111 and 1212 immediately come over to the pirate, trying to calm him.

"Captain, please forgive her insolence, she's not feeling well today. I'll take over…"

Captain? I see 1111 take out the yellow stamp from under the counter and stamp the contract form and the job poster

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