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marybethgriggs > The Other Side of the Mask > 54 Chapter 54: The Sassy Woman aka Kidnapping #1
Afterwards, she set off, and I immediately started towards the main room of information. After her tour and my mapping skills, I set out straight towards the room and entered quietly. Thousands of shelves covered in books and records appear before me. It is literally a library except for the fact of the hustling bustling people all around.

I leisurely walk over to the shelves, pretending to act normal and having been in this place before. No one doubted for a second that I am more than just an 'auditor'.

I slide my hand as I read the tags of the items. After scouring the entire place without raising suspicion, I find a door labeled for elders only.

I need to check that place out. I think to myself. I need to find out where XiaoLong is.

"... and 1938 and 2745…" I hear murmurs as a couple people hold a quiet discussion.

I freeze as I hear the numbers 2745. Ah! Someone else already took that number! … I'll need to find that person and get rid of them. I sigh, feeling my drastically beating heartbeat. What if 1474 finds the real 2745? Then I'll be doomed. I immediately rush to try to find the real 2745. I check the pins on the uniforms of every person in the main room. There is no 2745. I then head to the sleeping quarters. Luckily, the rooms are numbered with everyone's code, so I easily found the room. After checking that no one is around, I bust in the door, walking in on a snobby looking woman with too much makeup caked on her face. I sigh… I have to put THAT much makeup on to … I sigh giving up on finishing that sentence.

The woman finally recovering from shock sneers, "What does a brat like you want? Don't you know it's rude to bust into someone's room like that?"

I swiftly restrain her and tie her hands with a rope.

"What are you doing!" she shrieks.

I clamp a hand over her mouth, and she BITES. Ow! That hurt! I tape her mouth.

"Mmmmf! Mmf…" she gives up, as I shake my hand in pain.

I wash off her disgusting saliva and stand before like a grim reaper.

Now… time to get rid of her! I reach down to my leg… and give it a couple slaps. Ready, set, go! I grab her and bolt out like a storm.

As we passed each hallway towards the exit, the fellow workers look up bewildered as a strong wind threw them onto their bottoms.

"Toodles!" I shout jokingly, knowing they'll never hear me over this wind!

Finally reaching an exit, I search around. I smile once I find a barrel. I peel off the pin on her uniform. I stuff the sassy, still struggling, woman into the barrel and throw them out to sea. The woman finding the cliff under her looks down in fright and screams, except the fact that it is quite muffled to be heard from anyone other than me.

I wave with a smirk and tie the pin onto the uniform I'm wearing. Unhurried, I return to the room and close the door. After caking my face in makeup to try my new disguise, I fit into some of her attire. High heels, check! Necklace, check! After perfecting my art of disguise, I dress out and put on a mask that the woman possesses.

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